I can’t dead-end my break walks forever

Down to the lake?

It’s been cold this January.

Too cold to take a walk during my afternoon break from the job at the library, do you think?

With Onondaga Lake and its wintry sights right down that hill?

We all need our outlets, I say.

13 thoughts on “I can’t dead-end my break walks forever

  1. Fleece lined leggings work wonders, bro Mark. Just wear something over them, if you get my drift!
    We had that dreaded white stuff, after a few lifetimes of ice and sleet last weekend. Naturally it had to come when I had a funeral to attend on Monday. Your street looks so clean. I still have dirty ice and snow in the entrance area, making all attempts to go out hazardous, to say the least. Take care as you walk, broken bones and joints are not much fun!


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