Hope Cafe Coffee and Tea House serves big tastes, more

Words to live by, food and drink to savor.

My Communications Corner co-workers and I may be in the market for a new once-in-while business confab/lunch spot.

Bangkok Thailand has announced its official owners-retiring date of Feb. 17, with a somewhat hazy mention of a possible buyer in the wings.

Reflecting altruism.

So boss Diane, Librarian Assistant Edina and I took the short walk to Hope Cafe Coffee and Tea House a week or so ago.

My purpose was twofold. Owner Matt Cullipher will be presenting a program in the Liverpool Public Library’s Carman Community Room at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 11, so this trip was research-based for my social media and LPL.org Communications Specialist duties.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The spot in the Liverpool Village Mall is comfortable, and it’s obvious that the volunteer workers take the mission of giving seriously.

And I wanted to see what the food was like.

You step to the counter, read the blackboard, and give your order. A volunteer brings your food to the table. It’s efficient, as planned. A portion of each sale goes to the charity the cafe supports.

I went with the panini-and-soup special, at $9.50. I picked eggplant, and was told the soup of the day was Italian barley. I added an eggnog latte to my order, and that sent my bill soaring to $14. I keep thinking about the charitable portion.

They told Edina they had one serving of the chicken panini left and she felt fortunate, having been there before and liking that choice. Diane has certain dietary restrictions, and went with the omelet plate.

I won’t order a latte again unless I specify no sugar. Too sweet. I forgot about that.

The soup was nice and thick and hot enough, sending me to get a glass of water from the stand. My eggplant was quite tasty with stretchy mozzarella and rich red sauce.

My co-workers were happy with their meals.

At his library program, Culliper will talk about years spent living in Peru, which shaped his culinary and charitable views. He’ll also demonstrate some cooking techniques and provide some samples.

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