You don’t need lights to show you’re ready for the holidays

Taking a daytime walk with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle on the streets surrounding A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, we decided you don’t need bright lights to show your holiday spirit.

Pretty stuff.

These folks have put out some neat stuff.

Ready for a visit.

Ellie B wanted to look closer.

Red and solid.

I had to keep her down by the street.

13 thoughts on “You don’t need lights to show you’re ready for the holidays

  1. I hear you! Although, near me, it’s a lights extravaganza this year:). More houses putting up lights than I’ve seen in a long time! Am taking it as a sign of people needing a bit more holiday cheer–and glad to have it.


  2. Really nice, bro Mark. All you need now is a foot of snow to set it off. Just keep the snow up there if it comes, PLEASE! That 4 letter word, ya know. It’s sure looking like the whole country is getting some of that stuff lately so I’m feeling happy about our lack of it! Just fog and rain here in my part of the world, but you’d think it was London if you looked outside without knowing exactly where you are at the moment, Of course since I’m never sure where or what I am or what I’m doing that point is moot!
    Have a wonderful Hanukkah, Part of my computer crashed and took spell-check with them so I’m trying to do it alone here. Love you guys, Mark. My best to Karen and I hope you all have a fun filled family Holiday.


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