We nailed my first mani/pedi

I’ve told you about the great-looking nails my dear wife Karen has come home with from her classes at BOCES.

A football for our trips to see the Syracuse Orange graced a finger. A heart with a nine tipped off the waitress that it was our ninth anniversary.

I knew that cosmetology student Ann did a darn fine job.

Can you sign me up for my first-ever mani-pedi, I asked my wife? Sure. Clients needed. I got a 9 a.m. on a day I took off from my job at the library.

Learning inside.

So this is where the magic happens, I thought as I got ready to walk into the place where Karen is part of a beehive of activity, one classroom where she is among 16 in the Central Sterile Tech program layered within many other significant curriculums.

I signed in at the window, with Karen taking a moment to lead me to the right room to find Ann.

I signed a waiver that explained I was a willing client for the student.

Hands-on experience.

Manicure first, Ann said, leading me a different room.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Ann’s easy way let me know she had everything in control. She was a music teacher in a former life who decided she needed a change. She’s working in a salon as an assistant while she studies. Karen told her to give me the relaxing treatment.

Ann at work, caught by my dear wife.

Maybe I was a little uptight, this being my first manicure and all.

There were no clippers involved, I was surprised to discover. Ann used a file, a clear coat, something to soften my cuticles. Then came a lotion for my (gnarly) hands. At first, I told her I did not want the glossy finish. But while she massaged that lotion halfway up my arms, I told Ann to go with the gloss. What the heck. This very well could be my one and only time. I even briefly considered Maryland red. Very briefly. The gloss does not hurt my eyes.

When I met my buddy KP for lunch afterward, however, he asked me never again to wave my hand in front of him in such a manner. I thought the gloss caught the glint from the draft Shock Top beer just right.

Busy room.

The pedicure stations are in Cosmetology Central, packed next to the hair-care chairs. I was amazed at how life-like their practice mannequins look.

Foot work.

I should have worn shorts for this one. But the warm water prep sure felt wonderful.

I must admit that after the bottom-filing of my first foot, I admitted some discomfort to Ann. She cleaned up foot two without the file. Good work, there. Again, no clippers were used, and there was a massage with lotion after the filing of the nails and cuticle softening. Of course I went with the matching gloss.

Social study.

My good seat let me watch the considerable action. On break in her room, Karen had some work done on her hair. One of her classmates poked her head into the room to see what was going on. It’s clear that there’s a great deal of good chemistry between the programs. That’s a fine learning atmosphere.

I showed my appreciation for Ann’s good work with what I considered a grade-A gratuity.

I know where the cosmetology room is from here on out.


9 thoughts on “We nailed my first mani/pedi

  1. That foot work photo…morning lol. Thanks for that, Mark. Growing up, we got all our haircuts at a local cosmetology school. Some were better than others, but all were economical for a big family.


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