Even a dog lover digs A Street Cat Named Bob

(From IMDb.com)

You can’t help rooting for James to turn his life around for good.

And for Bob to come out OK, too.

Their lives become entwined, these two, for better or for worse, in the true tale A Street Cat Named Bob.

It’s a little movie that could make the world feel better.

James is a street busker battling homelessness, estrangement from his father and longstanding drug addiction when we step into his life. Directed by Roger Spttiswoode from the screenplay by Tim John and Maria Nation adapted from James Bowen’s books A Street Cat Named Bob and The World According to Bob, the story is gritty without being too dirty, messy without being too harsh and warm without being too mushy.

The young man really, really wants to get better. He’s sticking to the British program the best he can, and has his case worker on his side when a small flat opens up. She gets him in. A ginger cat works its way through the open window and, slowly but surely, into his heart and life.

A shoulder to lean on. (From IMDb.com)

Bob is one smart cat. James is one diligent man on the rebound.

Together, they stare down man-made mountains and feline-level mouse holes.

Even this daily dog lover spent the 102 minutes watching the DVD chuckling out loud and cheering within.



15 thoughts on “Even a dog lover digs A Street Cat Named Bob

  1. This a wonderful and true story as you say, the movie is great. But the book is so much better it gives you so much more depth to why he has fallen so low. He had a normal childhood until emigration to Australia and his parents marital problems. James found himself back in England and his life just gets worse.


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