Now the iPad Pro keyboard is getting balky …

My setup.

Oh, how I thought I had the perfect setup. This iPad Pro and its Apple keyboard seemed made for each other.

Out of the box from the Apple store they’d come. Snap! Together they went with that magnetic pull. Tap, tap, tap went my fingers.

But now, in the next calendar year and several IOS loads later, we have a disconnect.

Sometimes it works, sometimes I get a very annoying message on my screen.

This accessory is not supported by this device.

What? And why not?

And so I fiddle with the connections.

Even as I type this entry, the first few strokes had to be accomplished with the on-screen keyboard. Thankfully, a half-sentence in, the power of the big keyboard kicked in. But sometimes halfway through a thought, it halts as I continue to type. Then it catches up to my work.

That’s if I’m lucky. A few times, it’s not worked at all.

Searching for the what-the.

I searched the problem.

I am not alone.

But there are no real answers, even on the Apple board. Hardware? Software?

Yes, I cleaned the connections.

So I’m left with my questions.

Has my expensive other-half to the dream online team reached its limit?

A trip to the Genius Bar seems to be on my plate.

What month did I buy the pair? Did I go for the Apple Care extension? Where is that receipt?

Anybody else out there go or is going through this particular Apple keyboard problem?

30 thoughts on “Now the iPad Pro keyboard is getting balky …

  1. Sorry to hear about your keyboard problem, Mark! I have been using a Macbook OS X 10 since 2009 with no problems at all until recently. My keyboard is acting up and now the keys – FGHJKL do not work anymore. I have to use the keyboard viewer to type these alphabets and it’s really annoying. I guess we both lost our keys, Mark! (=・ェ・=?


  2. Oh I hate going to the Genius Bar, and waiting….and waiting…and I spend that time waiting thinkingabout how all these other people waiting with me can afford all their Apple products, because I am still using an I-Phone 5, and secondly why are all these people not at work? Perhaps they are thinking the same things about me!


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