One of these weekends, maybe I’ll be game

The Cobblestone is a favorite of my dear wife Karen and I for pizza, calzones, wings, wine, Blue Moon, Happy Hour unwinding …

It’s a comforting social stop in the Village of Liverpool.

Extra hours.

Now that’s it’s football season, they’re calling for more action.

That’s pretty darn early, though.

Karen works at the library Saturdays now until 5 p.m. We have Syracuse football tickets, and so far, so good for the home games. She’s made it by the second half for the 3:30 p.m. starts, joining me.

Maybe an away game? Maybe an NFL Sunday for a big Jets or Bills game? Hey, my Jets are 2-2, better than I ever expected, and the upstate Bills are 3-1, leading the rival New England Patriots by a game.

Let’s Go Orange.

We shall see.

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