Don’t run across the pool cover, please and thank you

With a day to recover from the first effort, my dear wife Karen and I were back at the old safety cover for our backyard pool at A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

I’d used my day off from work at the library to purchase four big fasteners to drive in the ground and cord to tie between them. The idea was to help hold the cover up over the pool as we worked our way around the sides.

We went right to it as soon as Karen got home from her BOCES class.

Successful coverage.

Two hours later, we’d accomplished our task.

This time, I had to fish my dear wife out of the pool. Fortunately, unlike our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, Karen tumbled into the shallow end. She was easier to fish out than the dog. The black vinyl water cover held her, too, keeping her out of the water.

We still don’t want the pooch or any human running across the cover. Our next step is to put up some stakes and cords around the four sides.

6 thoughts on “Don’t run across the pool cover, please and thank you

  1. She fell in ? Oh, no…at least it was the shallow end, Mark. This one triggered a sad memory. We rented our home, waiting to sell it as we moved. The renters tore a hole in the pool cover, didn’t tell us for months. Major work to repair the fall/winter damage. (Sold it the next Spring…never again!)


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