Bless them in Las Vegas, and help us all

Pure terror (Photo from

Today we wake up to the horrible news of a mass massacre in Las Vegas.

A lone gunman took a repeating assault rifle, found a vantage point in a room high above a country music festival, and let loose a rain of bullets and death and deluge of terror. Fifty people are dead, Today tells me now, more 400 treated for injuries.

A 64-year-old man did this to us. All of us. Law enforcement and other officials will try to make sense of it in the minutes, hours, days to come.

But even as they piece together the case against this man who apparently also then killed himself, an individual whose name will not, cannot be typed by my raging fingers this awful morning, I know they can’t ever make sense of it.

Not to me.

How could he? How could anybody? How have we come to this?

Having covered music festivals in the great outdoors such as this for 21 years at the big daily as for big part of my career, the fact that we could be in harm’s way was always in the back of my mind somewhere. Rickety stands. Pyro gone bad. Over-aggressive crowds. It’s all been in the news somewhere else, sadly, awfully.

Now a guy with an assault gun up high with so much evil intent. Help us all get through our daily lives.


10 thoughts on “Bless them in Las Vegas, and help us all

  1. Even years ago, I started noting the escape route at any event.
    There is no making sense of it.
    The world gone mad.
    Difficult to stop madness in people, but we must do better.
    Meanwhile don’t put off today those hugs and kind words to those you encounter.
    (And please also hold the people of Catalan in your thoughts also. So much pain everywhere)


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