We’ll take 20 feet, please

I can’t tell you how many iPad/iPhone charging cords we’ve gone through.

Yes, my dear wife Karen and I may have left one or two at the various places we’ve visited in the past years.

But mostly they break.

So far, so good. Knock on wood.

This history made me stop when we came upon this new stand at the New York State Fair during our Center of Progress stroll.

Best 10 Foot Cord Ever proclaimed the sign.

I touched them.

Aluminum casing. Bendy. Solidly constructed between plug and wire.

Two for $30 said the sales person.

I offered twenty bucks for a pair. She wasn’t budging. I bought a blue one for me and a pink one for my dear wife Karen anyway.

We were getting a charge out of them at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Then came a problem some three weeks in.

Up around the bend.

Stress had caused a curve in the metal part of the connection of my cord, and while it would plug in, the gadget would not remain in charge mode.

I pulled out the guarantee the clerk had slipped into our bag, and called up the site.

After a series of clicks and typing, I’d obtained a code and the information that the shipping of my free new cord would cost $5.90.

About a week later it arrived as promised.

So far, so good.


14 thoughts on “We’ll take 20 feet, please

  1. I feel I am constantly buying them for everyone else in the house. It didn’t take long to discover the kitten was chewing The Mister’s, but what the kids do with theirs, I cannot fathom. We need another one again!
    I’m glad you got this great deal! I could sure use it! 🙂


  2. When I was in the hospital last year, the closest plug was at the head of the bed and the usual charger cord is so short, I had to point my body that way to use it. I vowed that should I live, and I did, barely, that I would find a longer cord. Found a 6 foot beauty, but I swear, I have to buy several at a time. And count me in on the cordless charging.


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