Kealakekua turns out to be very kool

After our visit to the coffee plantation, sibling Lynne and her Arkansas/Oklahoma crew suggested our two-car caravan take a short trip to a little town they’d spotted previously.

Kealakekua, here we came.

Can’t see the water.

There was only one sign that the quaint little town was as close to the sea as we were in Kona. I joked with niece Kimi about how they were being stingy with their dolphins around here.

Show place.

We walked. We looked. We went inside places and talked to friendly people.

Art work.


Purchases were made inside the Donkey Balls store. No burros were mistreated to make this suspiciously named chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. They even had some sugar-free varieties for me.

Food and drink.

The town’s pub/restaurant looked inviting, but we did not go in.

The big hang.

There was some hanging out as folks did their own thing.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Mine was wandering up and down the block to shoot photos with my iPhone 6s.

Tuesday: A hopping luau


8 thoughts on “Kealakekua turns out to be very kool

  1. What a lovely trip for you, Mark! I was in Hawaii last year and you’ve made me miss it. Everything seems easier there–from eating healthier and being active to not stressing the small stuff:). I hope your memories stick–and that you can refresh them by going back again.


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