We fall hard for the big water sight in Hilo

A few twists and turns from the Waipio Lookout, and we’d made our way closer to Hilo and at the tourist point Akaka Falls.

Great day for a tour.

We paid our five bucks for the car full. Fair price for a state park, I figured as I followed the attendant’s instructions at the big meter and was handed the paper receipt from he machine.

Follow the trails.

Right off you could see the falls off in the distance. The path ran through lush rain forest land.

Over the gorge.

The walk was worth it.

Plenty of water.

As a veteran of Niagara Falls, I’d say Hawaii’s cascade brings its own variety of natural beauty. High and narrow, it’s a pipeline of fascinating plummet.

I felt the need to take selfie-duo falls shots with everybody in my party.

Tomorrow: These Botanical Gardens are a Big Deal


8 thoughts on “We fall hard for the big water sight in Hilo

  1. Hey you!

    I’ve been MIA for about 14 months, I know but you also know I love my college football. I loved watching your game today. But this will be the only time you see this encouragement in black and white. 🏈 Hope you and your dear wife Karen are great!

    Sent from the sparkly CBXB phone



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