There’s plenty to see while walking around Kona

There’s an attitude you feel while walking around Kona.

Feel the roots, tourists.

Sure, Ali’i Drive is set up for shopping.

Tourists, don’t feel trapped.

Tourists are more than welcome to buy and dine.


We walked, too, my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic significant George Three and I. Every dang day of the family reunion and dream vacation.

George pays great attention.

I noticed George noticing with a very keen eye.

Interesting location.

We both took interest in this tree placed in the middle of an outdoor shopping square that had one side on the drive and another on the harbor.

Karen’s brother Scott figured it was a fig.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

George and I both fell in love with a behemoth we spotted on the main drive.

Hawaiian dress.

People watching provided a thrill, too. Karen suggested I catch the kid with the pineapple dress.

The ship is in.

Our first full day, the Pride of America loomed large in the harbor. We knew that meant an additional bounty of tourists who’d taken the tender boats for a day of visiting before the Norwegian cruise took off to continue its path among the islands and ports. Conversations with towns folk told us that the ship came in only Wednesday.

We figured the people fishing on the harbor wall on the sea side of Ali’i Drive made more regular visits.

They made for a great addition to the lively landscape of the vibrant drive.

Tomorrow: A pair of Farmers Markets

9 thoughts on “There’s plenty to see while walking around Kona

  1. Hello Mark – It’s a vibrant post. When I read “feel the roots” I indeed felt the atmosphere. “Please spill your food and drink outside” had me laugh, but it also communicated how one must maintain the sanctity of a gorgeous location. The fig tree is beautiful yet mysterious.


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