I work with a nice bunch

Go ahead, take some green bananas, Liz wrote to all in the library’s in-house message system. Her husband had come across many bunches at work, and they’d decided to share.

To be taken home.

And so I went to the break room and selected a hardy-looking bunch to sit on my desk and admire for the rest of my work day.

They’ll be perfect soon enough for my daily banana breakfast, I thought.


6 thoughts on “I work with a nice bunch

  1. I love bananas, bro Mark. They would go so well with the sweet cherries someone gave us here at the building. I’ll probably have to freeze the last of those, since I don’t think I will be able to eat 15 pounds before they get a little bit funky looking.
    I’m taking my guitar back also. My son never plays it now and I’m not sure he knows how to take care of it, so hopefully it will be home with me briefly before I sell it. I’m beginning to think it costs more to die than it does to live, but income shrinks while prices rise
    Just one question here though, do you put peanut butter on your banana? That is really necessary, ya know! Well, almost falling asleep here so I had better look for a softer place to land. Have a good weekend!


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