I still love A1, above the fold

My self-applied pressure was on, I will admit now, as I snapped away during the library’s ‘Tie Dye on the Lawn.’

Last year the weekly Eagle News published one of the photos I sent them at the top of A1.

Could I pull it off again?

Here’s looking at ya, kids.

I sent Editor Sarah Hall three photographs from which to choose. The Thursday edition arrived in my work mailbox and …


Thank you to all the kids and caregivers who make this tradition at the Liverpool Public Library so much fun.

Don’t forget the gloves before you work with the dye.

And here’s the original. Mila Rose, to the right with her younger brother and mom, is the 4-year-old who contributed the winning name Glub-Glub in the LPL Facebook contest for the beautiful glass fish donated to us by the Corning Museum of Glass, by the way.


11 thoughts on “I still love A1, above the fold

  1. What a great feeling, to have your work chosen. How wonderful!!!! And I hope Glub Glub finds his/her new home to be wondrously fascinating. I mean, GlubGlub will be living amongst the greatest gifts …..


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