If you must have romantic comedy, you could do worse than The Bounce Back

(From IMDb.com)

Boy sees girl and his heart goes pitter-patter. Boy hears girl and his brain goes no way! Girl sees boy and her eyes open wide. Girl listens to boy and her mind gives her a million reasons to throw up that fence.

What would we do without our time-tested romantic comedy formula, Hollywood? America? World? (Real-life?)

In The Bounce Back, directed by Youssef Delara from a screenplay he co-wrote with Victor Tehran and Staci Robinson, the bells and whistles are thus: Shemar Moore plays a hunky guy who writes a popular self-help book about coming back from romantic defeat. Nadine Velazquez plays a beautiful psychologist who shoots down all of his theories. They meet on a TV talk show, as she ambushes his good-time feel. He somehow likes it and suggests a national tour.

Author Matthew Taylor and doc Kristin Peralta have troubles in their personal lives, you see, which lead to the rollercoaster ride necessary for any romantic comedy worth its weight.

She says, he says. A lot. (From IMDb.com)

As I watched on the living room flat screen with my dear wife Karen, I had a hard time believing folks this good-looking would have deep-seated woes like this. But that’s just me.

Throw in an ex-wife, cute daughter and meddlesome agents for good measure and added confusion.

Will they? Should they? Soon enough, the 1 hour, 44 minutes have gone by, and the check-out from the library wasn’t the worst thing in the world after all.


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