Pokemon Go frenzy hits my street

My terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic significant George Three had dropped by for a Sunday visit, and I took the garbage out to the front curb.

I noticed the crowd gathering outside of the Town of Salina Hall across the street but forgot to say something when I got back to the backyard.

Good thing George was looking at his phone to monitor the Pokemon Go situation.

A rare bird is being chased.

They’d released a new, rare bird, and a crowd was gathering at the gym right across from a Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to give chase.

Elisabeth and George joined them. They wanted to catch Articuno. I went over to lend emotional support. And take photos with my iPhone 6s, of course.

Go for it individually and collectively.

They explained the process as it went on. The more people, the better chance to corral it. Seven was the minimum. Check. Twenty was better. Check.

George’s phone battery was dangerously low.

Car cord.

He pulled over his car and plugged in. She leaned in to talk strategies. One chance with your shots was all you’d get.

Somebody celebrates.

Somebody caught it. Lots of people fired their last shot and missed, including Elisabeth.


George caught the bird!

We figured that three of 20-plus went away with Articuno.


11 thoughts on “Pokemon Go frenzy hits my street

  1. I saw my first Pokemon Go meetup a few weeks ago, right after they released the rare bird. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen. 15 people in a standing/sitting in a circle giggling and swiping at their phones. All ages, genders and quite a few ethnicities were represented, that was really nice.
    If I had not known about Pokemon Go I would have been tempted to call the police.


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