(Love)birds on a wire

Quite the pair.

Sometimes I look up when Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I are walking the blocks surrounding A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

And I’m rewarded greatly.

This day I spotted two birds enjoying the blue sky and bright sun side-by-side.

I was only able to snap one shot with my iPhone 6s before either I or my cherished rescue mutt spooked one of them.

Dagnabbit. I wanted that closeup.

9 thoughts on “(Love)birds on a wire

  1. You are so funny, bro Mark. As my Mother always told me, the only way to get a closeup of a bird is to throw salt on it’s tail so it won’t fly away. I accepted this as gospel since it came from my mom, and only on recent analysis realized just how gullible kids are. Or maybe I was. Gullible, that is. After all, I AM the one who ate a mudpie when my brother told me it was a chocolate pie. Probably could have swallowed the mud part but broke a baby tooth on the rocks he held it all together with in liu of eggs and flour. Smile, little brother.


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