Let the sun shine at the public Dennis Port beach

Walk on up.

By now, my dear wife Karen and I know exactly where to go for the public ocean beach closest to the Happy Cottage in Dennis Port. It’s a mere couple of miles down Depot Road, tucked amid the private places reserved for renters.

The sign said the daily parking fee is up to $20 for non-residents, but on the sunny morning we chose of our hour or so to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts, there was no attendant on hand to collect. Phew.

Pick your spot.

There were a few folks there ahead of us. No lifeguard was on duty at the stand.

Right here.

Karen angled us for great sun.

I went off to explore with my iPhone 6s, of course.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The resorts on both sides made sure I couldn’t wander too far from my wife’s side if I obeyed their signs.

Serious business.

I could tell by the state of the sand that the joint on one side meant business.

Happy day.

I was happy to return to my wife and my reading. Yes, I’d checked out three novels from the library before departure. Karen had made sure she was loaded up on the iPad.

Sweet time.


Selfie satisfied.

Tomorrow: Ocean sunrise with Ellie B

4 thoughts on “Let the sun shine at the public Dennis Port beach

  1. glad you were able to work it all out and get to the beach. what a lovely, relaxing spot, as long as you don’t cross over ) nothing better than spending the day reading near the water –


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