A sip here, a sip there, and Cap Cod drinks up our relaxation

One of our early stops in Cape Cod was the great, big package store Luke’s.

Not that we drink all the time, mind you.

But my dear wife Karen and I did want to have some Corona Light in the fridge and wine on the counter for those times we chose to sit out with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, in the backyard or on the newly expanded front porch of the Happy Cottage in Dennis Port.

My wine choices.

I decided on two wine brands that I do not normally sip at home in A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. By bottle looks and price, I chose Flip Flop and Sutter Home. The colorful Flip Flop, with a turn-off cap, got first crack, and I nursed it through the whole eight days. (Sutter Home I liked more when I uncorked it upon return.) Karen left a few bottles of 12-pack of Corona Light in the fridge for whoever comes next, too, even though our great friends the Birds, Bob and Lynn, came and visited us for a too-short sit out back the last Saturday of the vacation.

For some reason this trip, we more leaned toward short trips here and there for more exotic sips.

Pineapple goodness.

Three cheers for Pina Coladas of Sundancers.

Our bartender was friendly at this afternoon stop on a sweltering day. We chose to stay inside the air conditioning instead of sitting on the deck that overlooks the water.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

I grabbed my iPhone 6s for outdoor shots on the trip back to the car anyway.

In the one-street Village of Dennis Port, The Red Nun had our attention.

Pretty inviting.

Hooray for this two-restaurant Cape Cod restaurant/tavern’s atmosphere and service.

Wall of choices.

For some reason, I was drawn to drink craft beer while sitting at the bar and watching the U.S. Open golf tournament with my dear wife.

Light one, dark one.

They allowed tiny samples before the big pint.

I tended toward the Cape Cod breweries two choices, the Red shown at right above, and the Blonde.

Karen’s favorite was the Blueberry brew from Wachusett.

Not so crowded this day.

We knew we’d love a sit-down at the Beach House Bar.

We visited on our very first day, but it was too crowded for us to find a spot at the bar that early Saturday evening.

So back we went on a cloudy, cool afternoon.

Good seat choice.

It was crisp, all right. fortunately, we found two stools on the side protected by the wind shield.

Very peachy.

I went with a Pina Colada (again) while Karen chose the peach-blended special.

Oh, we ate lunch, too.

My hot dog choice was great, with fries and a pickle. Karen’s crab cake filled her up fantastically, same sides.

We cared not that we figured it was, oh, 15 degrees F cooler here than it was back at the Happy Cottage.

Tomorrow: Why we love Chatham

6 thoughts on “A sip here, a sip there, and Cap Cod drinks up our relaxation

  1. So nice to hear of your Cape Cod adventures. That drive along Rt. 6A on the Bay (north) shore is the definition of quaint. And of course, Commercial Street in Provincetown is a cool bustling avenue. Happy travels!!


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