A different route, a cool new sight

I overcame a main-street fear on a recent stroll through our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

I decided to shorten my grip on the leash and take our beloved rescue mutt for a short stretch along Old Liverpool Road.

Just between the next-block-over and our street.

Yes, this old house.

There’s a cool and vintage house Ellie B and I had only seen from the side so far.

Driving down the big four-lane road, I’m going to fast to really take a look for it.

I was not disappointed by its grandeur.

And we stayed safe, as to-the-right as possible.

Would you walk your dog on a two-lane-each-side road to get a photo?


7 thoughts on “A different route, a cool new sight

  1. You stayed to the right? You should be left side, facing traffic! I prefer to walk my dog (when I have one) on a sidewalk. Also, I’m still working on getting picture-taking ability on a walk.


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