Why Him? You can say that again

(From IMDb.com)

The rich get richer, they say. And all the good looking significant others, too, right? No matter what they seem like when you get a good look at what they’re really like.

So it seems in in Why Him? a comedy written by Ian Helfer and directed by John Hamburg and stocked by some pretty folks with serious chops.

You know Bryan Cranston, who started out as the bumbling but well-meaning dad to Malcolm on network TV and ended up so mean and devious on the cable show that also became one of the binge craze pioneers.

And James Franco, who made news next to Seth Rogen in the zany SONY comedy that turned out to be both a political football with North Korea and the Hollywood screening system as folks knew it.

How about Megan Mullally, crazy woman pot-stirrer for years alongside Jack and the title two Will and Grace in that sitcom.

Throw in wide-eyed Zoey Deutch as the object of boyfriend Laird’s affections and unending affection and dad Ned Fleming’s lifetime protection, and you’ve got writer Ian Helfer and director John Hamburg’s over-the-top cross between Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver all revved up for this generation.

For one, Laird may have some of the scamp Eddie Haskell and the do-gooder Beave in him as he goes about finding ways to show off his huge mansion, how to spend his gobs of cash, and ways to win over the whole Fleming family’s adoration. For another, Ned has more father-does-what-needs-to-be-done-for-everybody than both those 1950s/60s patriarchs put together as he guides two kids, his wife and a paper company staff through life.

They mix like oil and water, of course.

Daughter Stephanie spends time trying to explain each to the other.

Mom Barb tries to keep things from getting worse as her husband digs himself deeper.

As my dear wife Karen and I watched the Blu-Ray on the living room flat screen, there were plenty of cringeworthy moments.

Uneasy peace? (From IMDb.com)

But Cranston, Mullally, Franco and Deutch are too good to let the whole dang thing go down the new-style Japanese toilet.

The human side is allowed to emerge. Wise ideas spill forth. Wa-wah. Just like an old-sit com before the final commercial.


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