Getting a better drainage setup

When our friend Jeff came over last fall to help shore up the backyard fence, he took a good look at our gutters and gave me some advice to help keep A Bitty Better as good as it can be here in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Get some gutter extensions to keep the rainwater drainage as far from the foundation as possible, the smart man suggested.

This past weekend, I took a spring trip to Lowe’s and put his advice into action.

Away from the corner.

I aimed this potential flow away from his work with the corner fence post.

Away from the foundation.

This side was clogged with leaves. I dug it out.

In a garden.

The extension in the front garden may be a work in progress. We’ll see when my dear wife Karen gets home from her annual Girls Getaway vacation.

In fact, all of these extensions can still be bent and maneuvered in different directions. Yay, technology.

What house projects do you have planned for this season?

14 thoughts on “Getting a better drainage setup

      • So happy for you! It’s very important to keep that water far away from the foundation. I have large extensions off of all my spouts at the Lake House.

        Now here in Arizona… No gutters on many houses. No basements. However, We had them installed to divert rain in a different area of the house. Home Ownership comes with fun! Ha ha !


  1. I hope that helps. I’ve had a scenario where I’ve had to remove the bottom, slide another elbow on, and put the sleeve up much higher. And then I had another scenario in which I just planted some Goat’s Beard and watched it thrive in the marshy goodness. Whatever works!


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