Keep the bright light of coverage burning with every story

The new man in the Oval Office has made the media his enemy with every speech and Tweet.

He’s doing his best to turn citizens against mainstream news outlets.

I grew up reading the New York newspapers and watching the local and national news, NBC, ABC and CBS. I was so all-in at a young age that I chose journalism as my college major. I listened to my professors at SUNY Morrisville and the University of Maryland, hearing well their lessons of fairness and balance and accuracy. I wrote and edited stories for the Morrisville Chimes and University of Maryland Diamondback while taking those college classes, a student reporter and editor intent on learning and practicing a profession I considered honorable in nature and integral to the core of society. I earned a part-time job at night at the Washington Post, watching seasoned editors and reporters battle the daily news machine the best ways they knew. Graduation saw me work with ink and then digital realities for first the Prince George’s Journal and then The Syracuse Post-Standard. From 1979 to 2013, I shared a mission with hundreds of men and women intent on bringing the news to the people. What we could figure out to be real news, the best way we could gather it, ethically and taking no cues from outside influences.

It does my heart good to see the words on the banner of the Washington Post these days as I read it on my iPad.

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Democracy Dies in Darkness, it says under the Masthead.

Believe it.

15 thoughts on “Keep the bright light of coverage burning with every story

  1. First we lost all the script writers for TV and movies – replaced with cheaper reality shows and formula shows with the cheap weak tired jokes
    More disturbing we seem to have lost real reporters, journalist and photographers to the less well trained, those of less integrity, and the ease of free stories on the web – along with twitter feeds or images sent in by viewers stroking their egos.
    More important than ever to read widely, search for primary sources, and take all with a grain of salt.


  2. from waaaaaay down under every time our’ news outlets pick up on another”tweet’as a semi major story i initially laugh because i think when is this guy sleeping? maybe its the 10 yr old using the old mans phone like a’lot of other kids do…. BUT when i watch NBC today or check out the stuff on google news I shudder … Man is he crazy or what?
    We had interesting story on an current affairs show called Four Corners about the middle class and how they were going to cope. it was mainly GE workers and displaced people in Seattle…OMG WOW oh wow you guys are in big trouble over there. Stay employed MARK


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