Which way does your tree face?

Walking on the block perpendicular to A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville last week, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I stumbled upon a tree most interesting.

May I help you?

May I help you?

I stopped. My cherished rescue mutt stopped. It was almost as if somebody were calling our name.

I’d not seen this scene before on any of our many loops since we’d moved in midway through October.

Face it. That’s either a great sense of humor or something else entirely.

What’s your favorite neighborhood decoration, and why? What do you put out on your lawn, and why? What’s your best guess on the purpose behind the bark mug?

13 thoughts on “Which way does your tree face?

  1. i think it is someone who enjoys nature and has a healthy sense of humor. in my yard, i think the fairy village would be what people might stop by to take a closer look. i love seeing kids and families taking a peek and playing there. )


  2. That’s most interesting and just a tad bit creepy. We don’t have anything out on our lawn, but my neighbor down the street is a very festive fellow and has decorations up for every holiday. It drives my husband crazy because he thinks it makes the neighborhood look kind of tacky, but I secretly get a kick out it.


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