Ellie B rises with the sun

Some days I just let Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle out the back door of A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville and hardly open my eyes.

Last week I saw that the sun already was saying its howdy-do for the day.

Dog day.

Dog day.

I grabbed my iPad Pro from the nightstand to capture the salutation.

Our cherished rescue mutt heard my commotion.

I love her look back, too. I’m thankful for the sun coming up around 7 a.m. again. And I’m thankful that it rises to an easy angle for my morning picture-taking.

Where does the sun rise in relation to your home?

13 thoughts on “Ellie B rises with the sun

  1. Lovely. Good captures 🙂 We’ve been pleased to see some sunshine and blue skies lately. Sun rises over the kitchen, dining room, entryway, and Sassy’s room. (Which is why she has both blinds and lined, heavy curtains, heh.)


  2. The sun rises over port phillip bay at the moment for me but i loved it best when i lived near falls creek and it rose over the mtns…i c you r having massive snow nxt few days whilst we r having extreme heat high 37 c + ..stay warm


  3. The sun rises out my home office window over the roof of the next door neighbor, so it’s quite high in the sky by the time I actually see it over the roof. Luckily I get a nice western view of the sunset from our backyard. Lovely photo!


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