Onondaga Lake doesn’t need snow to look winter-wicked

I decided not to just jump in my car and drive straight the two miles back to A Bitty Better when I got out of work from the Liverpool Public Library on Friday.

A quick look to my left when I got to Tulip Street told me that the two-block stroll to Onondaga Lake would be a good idea.

Whitecaps ahead.

Whitecaps ahead.

I could see action churning out on the water. With gray skies around 4 p.m., it was a winter scene worth my iPhone 6.

You said it.

You said it.

My hands were cold with the whipping wind, but the scenes were worth the snaps.

No boats. Two folks.

No boats. Two folks.

A pair of people were way yonder on the metal-and-wood pier, ignoring the brisk elements.

Lines in the water.

Lines in the water.

I saw buckets. I saw poles. I saw No Fishing signs. I said not a thing. Their decision.

What is that thing?

Satellite signals?

Maybe the area is monitored somehow. I know Rangers drive by …

In case of emergency ...

In case of emergency …

I hope there’s no need to take this boat away from its spot by the seasonal rental shack.

Would you go close to the two people there ahead of you to see what’s going on? Do you care if they are fishing in a posted area? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

12 thoughts on “Onondaga Lake doesn’t need snow to look winter-wicked

    • Good choice on letting them be, Don. And, yes, come warm weather, the place is hopping with activity. I walk down from the library and quick eat my lunch at a picnic bench to soak up the atmosphere. 🙂


  1. well i would likely leave the people alone –
    favorite line: My hands were cold with the whipping wind
    and fav pic: the first one -t he yellow house made me think of the syracuse and upstate new york area


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