A new try with 19 Crimes

First taste test.

First taste test.

We broke into one of my presents from my dear wife Karen.

She knew I enjoyed the 19 Crimes Red Blend.

And so the new Banished had sat invitingly on our little rack since Christmas.

Deep red the color was, meeting my tastes, which have traveled in the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Free Range Red bottles since I adopted my passion for wine.

So too was the taste. Karen took a sip and said it wasn’t for her. She waited until my glass was low enough for her to pour the rest of hers into mine. She prefers a more fruity taste.

I think I like their Red Blend more, especially since it’s more reasonably priced. I’ll give the rest of the bottle another try, of course.

What is your favorite wine and why? What have you tasted lately, and what do you think of it? Do you have any taste suggestions for me?


10 thoughts on “A new try with 19 Crimes

  1. i love that you ‘broke in’ to your latest 19 crimes wines. how appropriate. i am all over the place with wine, and simply use the trial and error method. i tend to enjoy wines on the dry side.


  2. I like New York wines the best, especially those from my local Niagara Wine Trail (although the Finger Lakes wines are good, too, but usually more expensive). California wines tend to give me a headache after just one small glass – maybe it’s something in the soil out there. Anyway, since I have a limited budget, my favorites at the moment are Salmon Run Petit Noir or Pinot Noir for red and Prejean Tiger Lily for white/blush (it tastes just like pink grapefruit! And it’s under $10 a bottle! Serve it well-chilled). As for the whites, I’m still trying to decide between Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio and haven’t determined a favorite winery as yet, although the Leonard Oakes Reserve Chardonnay I just opened is pretty nice – the Leonard Oakes Frontenac and Meritage (both reds) are also very nice. But then, I’m also working my way through wines from Washington State, Oregon, Italy and Australia – all Christmas gifts. So far I haven’t found a wine I really hate – well, except for anything from Gato Negro (Chile). I had that once and it was the worst wine I ever tasted – I actually wound up pouring it down the drain. Hope this mini-wine tour was helpful and gives you something you can try without breaking into your local bank.


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