We’ll go there with the shampoo bottles

We completed a bathroom project at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

And I’m so glad we didn’t have to drill into the tile inside the tub/shower enclosure to do it.

When our dear friends Theresa and David gifted us with a card from the new At Home store in Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertaining complex Destiny USA, we roamed the aisles to pick out what would be the perfect touch. This home store has everything, so we didn’t buy right away, but looked at a few items and returned back home to again determine what best fit our needs.

Two gifts.

Two gifts.

We decided we did not want a shampoo holder that hung around the neck of the shower head. The rain head is just too nice to mess up.

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Instead, we’d go with the type of rack that would stick on the rear wall by the method of suction cups.

Get them in the right spots.

Get them in the right spots.

We’d never attempted such placement, so we read the directions carefully before I climbed into the tub and pushed the four cups into the right spots to support the racks where we wanted them.

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

We screwed the racks into place and hoped the cups would hold.


New home.

New home.

And then I carefully placed our stuff. Both racks stayed on the wall.

Thank you so much, Theresa and David, for your housewarming gift.

If you’ve used these suction cup items, have they held for a long time? What kind of in-shower racks have you put in, and how it work out? What do you think of our project?

3 thoughts on “We’ll go there with the shampoo bottles

  1. they look nice in your shower. i’ve only done the hanging kind, was a bit afraid of the suction cup system, but i’ve heard they’re great. isn’t it fun tweaking and making the house your own?


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