I wouldn’t tell them to smile

I was sitting at my desk at the Liverpool Public Library working on something or other when my found rang.

Page Sara sounded excited. She said there was a photo opportunity downstairs. Children’s room, pronto!

Balloons and children.

Balloons and children.

I knew what my friend and colleague was talking about right away.

Two little kids with balloons.

Don't cry.

Don’t cry.

Their moms were their as they toddled away, too.

I just stayed out-of-the-way, snapping with my little work camera. Quickly they both tired of the situation.

Not great photographs, no, in the dictionary definition of these things. Precious, though, yes.

And a few minutes of joy in my work life.

Thanks for the call, Sara.

Do you think it’s easy or difficult to get good photographs of toddlers? What’s your method of taking photos with very young kids? Which of the two photos do you like best, and why?

6 thoughts on “I wouldn’t tell them to smile

  1. Cute! I haven’t ever tried to take pictures of toddlers — no children — but I’m thinking it might not be far off from trying to take pictures of cats. The only way I can get pictures of my cat that aren’t a blur is to take them when he’s sleeping 🙂


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