Jeff comes to the rescue to fix the fence

We knew the backyard fence at A Bitty Better was sagging.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

As soon as we moved from The Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, I took a trip to Lowe’s for the cinderblocks needed to prop up the saggiest section of the fence.

No way we wanted Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle seeing a dog on the free side, or even a squirrel scurrying on the top, and lunging her 65-pounds against that thing.

My dear wife Karen agreed that my quick fix would be enough until …

Our friend Jeff was able to find a few hours in his busy schedule to help.

Sunday, he came with a post and his tools.

Steady she is.

Steady she is.

Jeff dug a new hole. He replaced the dirt.

Better for Ellie B.

Better for Ellie B.

He attached the fence with long wood screws from the other side.

I provided encouragement and support.

It’s an old fence. But it’s much stronger in its weakest corner now than it was last week at this time.

Thank you, good friend Jeff.

What needs fixing where you live? What friends help you in a pinch? How does Jeff’s work look compared to my quick fix?


13 thoughts on “Jeff comes to the rescue to fix the fence

  1. that’s so nice that some people have those skills – it is not even in my skill set at all. i have an ongoing list of things that need fixing/tweaking, the cottage is over 100 years old after all. )


  2. My former next-door neighbors managed to crack two of the posts on our 6-foot privacy fence. Hubby managed to shore up that fence using boards and concrete blocks and anything else he could find (you can see his handiwork in some of my backyard photos). It’s been standing strong for about 7 years now despite some pretty horrendous winds. I suppose at some point a fence contractor will need to replace that section, but I’m hoping to move out before that day arrives, and leave it to the next people to deal with.

    PS: I only just noticed your new blog header. I like it! Very welcoming.


  3. Nice! I mended our old fence at our old house in much the same way. Strange how certain sections go first…
    We have staked the back of our fence so Sadie cannot escape AND there are some cinder blocks here and there as well. I grow herbs in those, kind of a perk 🙂 New fencing, encompassing a larger area, is our goal. It’s just not the top of the list.


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