Lights on the Lake takes on a different feel this year

The Lights on the Lake stroll is scheduled for Monday night. The dog walk comes Tuesday. Wednesday night, it’s open for vehicles until the New Year.

This I was assured from a quick lunchtime walk during a crisp noontime this week.

Ready for rolling.

Ready for rolling.

The past two years, my dear wife Karen and I have taken in the start of the extravaganza on one of the two free without-car events, which I chronicled here with plenty of photos.

The big show in 2014.

The Lights with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle in 2015.

We think we may go sans pooch this year. As much as she likes to get out and about, we cover more ground without worrying about our beloved rescue mutt meeting up with a dog with which she doesn’t match up well.

And the whole thing takes on a different tenor because we live just two miles up the road from Onondaga Lake Park, in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. And my boss at the Liverpool Public Library, which is just two blocks from the path along which the traffic – pedestrian and then vehicular – will roll, has told me about how the traffic will clog our usual driving and parking lanes the first few days.

Some cars are just like that.

Some cars are just like that.

Karen and I are discussing driving down to the west end, Willow Bay, to take in the finishing point of the trail, which we’ve never made it to the past two years.

Yes, Lights on the Lake is bound to be different for me this year.

Stay tuned.

Do you want Karen and I to take Ellie B or go by ourselves? Do you want us to go to the start or the finish of the spectacle? Any other Lights on the Lake requests?

13 thoughts on “Lights on the Lake takes on a different feel this year

  1. I want you guys to do whatever your hearts desire Mark. On another note, seeing your post on my home page made me think of your old neighbourhood and good neighbour Tim this morning. You guys must miss him. He must miss you! ❤
    Diana xo


  2. i’d say leave her at home and go at your own pace, you can always take her on another day, to the exact same spot and i’m pretty sure she’ll be happy. now you know how i feel on a michigan home game day. you either have to embrace it, go to the game, walk, leave ahead of time, take alternate routes or hunker down at home. )


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