The first mishap at A Bitty Better

The first misfortune at A Bitty Better came after one week.

I was getting ready to step out the front door to drive the two miles from the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to my job at the library when I heard a foreign sound and then the voice of my dear wife Karen.

She had slipped and taken a fall.

I helped her up. She said her wrist had taken the brunt of it. She wiggled her fingers, bent the joint, told me to go to work. I got a text an hour later asking me to send a photo of our insurance card, front and back.

Yup. At urgent care.

Fortunately, the left one.

Fortunately, the left one.

That is a nice-looking purple cast. When she goes back to the ortho, he’ll check to make sure it’s healing without shift. Knock on wood.

I’m happy it’s her left arm, not the dominant side.

Still, she’s frustrated. And the pain was considerable. It’s itchy. It’s slowed our settling-in process somewhat. I’m doing as much as I can to keep her from doing as much as she’d like to do …

What’s your latest household mishap, and how did you recover? What’s your broken- or fracture-bone history? Would you pick a white cast or colored cast, and why??/em>

43 thoughts on “The first mishap at A Bitty Better

  1. Breaks are not fun. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    My misadventure involved over 100 brown slugs invading our Halloween decorations. The surprise of putting my fingers deep into a slug colony while removing the first decoration was followed by dispensing alcohol (the rubbing kind) for myself and the volunteers who were helping to remove the slime from our fingers. Then gloves and salt for the next 90 or so slugs. We are still finding slugs in our garage that escaped the first round. Ugh.


  2. How did I miss that one, bro Mark? I love her purple cast, but poor Karen. I think you already know my history, and thank God nothing new has happened since 2013. Well, nothing serious. The usual head blows, but as my son says, as long as I only hit my head I’m okay. It’s when I hit some other part of my bod that I have the problems. But so far no more side-swiping cars or–oh, I did get tangled up in another store display, but I was on my feet for that one. Yeah! I was walking! PROGRESS! Hope Karen is feeling better, little brother. Give her my best.


  3. Sending prayers to Karen, I’m all too familiar with the itchiness of a cast and the pain with broken bones. So… you get a laundry list of broken bones and injuries from Kathryn (me) with the oxymoronic middle name of Grace. Broke left wrist in second grade. Broke right wrist in third grade. Sprained my back skydiving in college. Separated my sternum skydiving a few years later. Broke my left leg stepping off a stone wall in front of my new house when daughter had learned to walk a week before. I’ve broken my right pinky toe multiple times throughout the years catching it on furniture. Broke my right big toe slipping off the stairs a couple years after that. Had my right big toenail ripped off by a someone slamming open a bathroom door as I was about to open it about 5 years ago. Broke my left pinky in the RV slipping off a rug 4 years ago. Broke my right middle finger in three places 6 weeks ago and got the traction device and pin removed today!!! Now for 2 months of rehab. Is that enough for you? LOL. Just living up to my name… 🙂


  4. aw, tell karen i’m so sorry. i hope that the pain goes away sooner rather than later. i’d be happy to fly in and drive her wherever she needs to go, like she did for me. my last mishap was when i was singing and dancing to guns and roses while walking around the house and i broke my baby toe by kicking the bathroom door.


  5. Well, the purple is regal (fitting for the queen of the house) or an homage to Prince. 😉 My frustration would lie in not being able to take a proper hot bath. Fortunately, when you are just this side of 60, time travels quickly, and it will be no time before it’s off, no? You will both have to avoid vigorous/complex high fives for the time being.


  6. Thank goodness it didn’t happen during the far too hot summer – can’t imagine how uncomfortable that cast would feel then! Hopefully, it will heal quickly.
    I’ve never broken any bones, but if I ever do, I’d want a purple cast, too.
    Then worst I’ve had was severe tendinitis in my left – dominate – arm. Took much longer than a broken arm to heal, too!


  7. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. It’s always difficult to lose the ability of an arm/hand, even when only temporary. My last injury? My husband accidentally dropped a phone on my face last night. Ouch! Haha.


  8. So sorry to hear about Karen’s injury, Mark. Sending positive thoughts and healing vibes her way. Congrats on the move to A Bitty Better!


  9. My latest mishap was in the driveway – I was stung by a bee on my toe while putting something in the car. I’m not allergic to bees, but I picked up some kind of skin infection at the sting site and had get an antibiotic shot. It was just random and painful and odd…

    I hope Karen is better soon!


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