At dinner time on Freedom of the Seas, mostly I ate

Our scheduled dinner time on the Freedom of the Seas was 5:30 p.m.

We got there on time. We ate our table. Mostly, we enjoyed our appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Yes, sometimes plural on the same night.

The menu one night.

The menu one night.

A closer look.

A closer look.

Every night, we had the choice of eating either a buffet at the Windjammer Cafe or extra-charge meal at one of the theme restaurants on the ship.

We chose to eat with our friends at the sit-down, full-service table instead. We read off the menus like the one I held on my lap above, telling Gregory what we wanted.

Every night a different chef was listed and pictured.

My favorite meal with the second formal night. My entree choice was lobster tail and big shrimp. Gregory brought out extra lobster tails, and I volunteered for a second.

The first formal night was disappointing. The seafood dish was a fish I’d never heard of before. Shrimp was not a choice. I ordered something called Royal Sirloin Eggplant. I thought the entree was going to be eggplant. It was a sirloin steak with eggplant underneath. For some reason, Royal Caribbean chefs have a hard time getting sirloin steak to my liking, New York strip or not.

A pretty appetizer.

A pretty appetizer.

My dear wife Karen and I were wowed by the presentation of the appetizer she ordered above. I don’t remember what it was called.

I took photos of everybody at all three of our tables. None of them came out great.

I didn’t take a lot of photos at dinner time at all. My bad. I was too busy eating and enjoying being served my food. Shrimp cocktail and salads and soups. A great chicken cordon bleu. Sugar-free desserts or sugar-free ice cream.


Tomorrow: Happy us

Where would you eat dinner on the ship, and why? What would you like to eat most for dinner on the ship? Would you take more food photos on the ship?

10 thoughts on “At dinner time on Freedom of the Seas, mostly I ate

  1. You know how I roll. I would be taking pictures of my food,your food, the whole table’s food. I would hit the buffet at least once to see how it was done but I would definitely follow the lobster. Where ever it leads.


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