Action, camera, Lights?

My dear wife Karen and I are fans of Lights on the Lake. The past several years, we’ve taken the chance to stroll along the path at Onondaga Lake Park when they’ve opened the annual blazing-lights tradition along the trails on the shore. We’ve even taken Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

Now that I work at the Liverpool Public Library, two blocks up from the very lake and trail, I visit frequently. In fact, my boss Diane has already begun talking to me about how busy it will be around our place the days when folks are invited to walk along Lights on the Lake. In November. Almost two months from now.

Imagine my suprise at lunch this week when I spotted …

Sign of the season?

Sign of the season?

… green grass … turning leaves … and Christmas light displays.

I lean toward 'it's too early.'

I lean toward ‘it’s too early.’

Talk about a three-season mix.

Pretty mixed up.

Pretty mixed up.

Diane worked at the Parks Department before coming to the library. When I mentioned my discovery to her, she told me that workers like to get the displays ready along the trail while the weather is good. Makes sense. I guess.

Would the spotting of Christmas lights now spook you? When do you think they’ll put the displays in the ground? If you do, when will you hang your holiday lights?


11 thoughts on “Action, camera, Lights?

  1. I don’t like it when Christmas intrudes on my beloved Halloween, but I can understand starting early. In fact, I’m thinking now about Christmas presents because I’d like to make things for people. Well, the song of “Don’t! Stop! Thinkin’ about Tomorrow!” has been playing in my head lately.

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  2. I was shopping earlier this week and saw a Christmas display! It’s a little too soon for me. Each year it seems the Christmas stuff comes out a little earlier. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Easter decorations and Christmas ornaments are sold side-by-side.

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  3. I’ve been seeing more lights come out on each of my training runs on the East Trail in the last three weeks. I decided to turn my anger into something constructive–I use them as inspiration to run faster 😉


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