Pretty girls in Liverpool

Walking back from taking photos by Onondaga Lake for my job at the Liverpool Public Library, I saw a scene a block away from my destination that made me reach for my iPhone 6.

Of course, when I got there, the slice of Americana was no longer lined up perfectly outside the Federal Esspresso coffee shop the way it was when it first caught my eye.

Good girls they are.

Good girls they are.

The beautiful dogs just had to jump up from lying on the sidewalk on this sunny weekday morning to greet me. Their owner had to scramble up from her seat to keep hold of the leash.

Lucy and Carla are their names, she said.

They smiled for me.

And I beamed on my way back to me desk.

Would you expect the dogs to stay on the down low? Would you try to get them back in their original positions? Do you think you can tell which looks like a Lucy and which like a Carla?

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