A win for the Mets, and the comeback continues

In the National League East, my New York Mets and the Washington Nationals have a rivalry going.

My dear wife Karen and I were glad it was the team from our nation’s capital that would be in the other dugout when we drove down from Syracuse with terrific daughter Elisabeth and outstanding significant George Three to meet the Long Island half of the family up there in the promenade.

National League Champion, 2015

National League Champion, 2015

Parade of titles.

Parade of titles.

That we got the chance to see the addition of the National League Champion flag added to the Mets Museum and the line of banners hung from the stadium deck added to the excitement.

And the game on the field was outstanding, going down to the end.

Curtis Granderson cracks the bat for the Mets.

Curtis Granderson cracks the bat for the Mets.

Veteran outfielder Curtis Granderson came through at the plate for the home squad.

Jeurys Familia stands imposing in relief.

Jeurys Familia stands imposing in relief.

Young closer Jeurys Familia was too much in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The Mets won, 3-1.

Victory dance.

Victory dance.

Immediately, the players spilled from the dugout and the bullpen to share a snaking victory dance.

The Mets’ late charge toward one of the National League’s two wild-card slots continues. It’s not been as convincing as last season’s surge to the division title. The Nationals have that locked up. But who knows …

In the coming days, I’ll post about the post-game fireworks.

Who is your favorite baseball team, and why? What do you think of the way modern teams celebrate at the end of games? Who do you think is going to win the World Series this year?


8 thoughts on “A win for the Mets, and the comeback continues

  1. Sorry Mark, I don’t follow baseball much but I usually root for the Blue Jays as the local team.

    I would like to mention that I am unable to post today, as we discussed, because of extra trips to the hospital this week – all OK – but I will be back next Sunday. I hope your readers will forgive me. Thank You.

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  2. I like the Sugarland Skeeters – a Atlantic League team. It’s like real old time baseball with a smal outdoor stadium ( kids free right now – with playground, grassy viewing areas as well as seating..and an outdoor counter bar at the edge of the field) – much more informal. Great players (who are quite approachable), but a whole different feel than the major league in giant expensive stadiums.


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