Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Bash at the library had me beaming (up)

Saturday’s work assignment: Capture patrons who loved all things Star Trek enough to attend the 50th anniversary celebration at the Liverpool Public library.

I posted photographs and a video from the scavenger hunt, movie screening, book signing and other activities carefully planned by my cool colleagues the librarians all over our social media platforms while I was in the office yesterday.

You can like our Facebook page on my right alley here and go forth to find them, if you wish.

Captain Kirk, Spock and Me.

Captain Kirk, Spock and Me.

Or you can take a second right here to note my happy face in the photo taken on my iPhone 6 when I handed it over to my co-worker Dave Witkowski. His job at the party was to take pictures of patrons in front of this neat backdrop that was put together on a screen and then printed by my graphics-savvy boss, Diane Towlson.

Yes, indeed, nice work if you can get it.

It all reminded me that 50 years ago, I was in front of a TV on Long Island, watching a new show on NBC with dad Frank. He loved it. Me, too. Miss watching the adventures of the Starship Enterprise with you, Dad. Thanks for turning me onto the wonders of the franchise from the start. I hope you are watching how good this new cast is up there somehow …

If you’ve done anything to note the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, what’s it been? If you caught the early version of the show, who turned you on to it, and where did you watch it? Who are your favorite Star Trek characters, and why?

14 thoughts on “Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Bash at the library had me beaming (up)

  1. i can imagine that you loved each and every bit of this event. the pic is great, and which one are you? you blend right in with the crew. i remember this show from the beginning too, and it was my older sister who got me into watching it with her )


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