I think they used to have the same address

On a recent walk around the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood with my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, a recently painted house caught my eye.

Hover over either gallery photo for a description. Click on either image for an enlarged slide show.

Two recently painted houses, in fact, next door to each other and the same exact color.

The way they sat, their architectural style, the way their roofs sat and lined up … Even though the one to the left was way bigger and the one to the right was almost an after thought, I couldn’t get one concept out of my mind.

The fit together.

The fit together.

Back in the day, I have a feeling, these two houses were one. And somebody split them apart, moved the little guy off a bit to create another dwelling, and there came freedom and independence.

Do you think these two houses were once one? If so, do you think they moved the little one to the right, or removed a section from the middle? Or am I just imagining things and they were built in different years by different builders?

16 thoughts on “I think they used to have the same address

  1. i think they were certainly part of at least the same family. perhaps one used to be a garage, or a smaller house for a young couple who were part of the family? my little cottage is one of 5 houses, varying in size and very closely placed together. we each have rather odd sized and shaped yards, and one of my older neighbors told me that the family began with one house, his, which is the largest of our bunch. after that, they split up their land and built small houses for others in the family as they became adults and began their own families. a mini compound of sorts )


  2. I think they used to be two houses with different owners. The bigger house owner’s son/daughter who’s married, bought the little house next door so he/she could have dinner every night at mom’s place.


  3. we used to see this a lot in California – where the real estate was so high. In Los Gatos, right in back of us – the folks sold their driveway in the alley and a builder put a house on there – we watched it get finished and it sold in a matter of hours…. anyhow, this looks like maybe original in-law sweet – which I love…. xoxo


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