You never know what gorgeous building you’ve been missing

For 33 years, I’ve lived and worked in the greater Syracuse, N.Y., area. Schooled in journalism, a reporter and editor by trade and a curious sort always, I consider myself the sort who always looks long at the surroundings.

Imagine that I couldn’t quite place exactly where I had to go when my bosses at the Liverpool Public Library agreed that I should attend the seminar being put on by the Central New York Community Foundation at the building that houses the Central New York Philanthropy Center.

On East Fayette Street in downtown Syracuse. About three blocks from the building with the printing press in Clinton Square where I worked for 30 years for the big daily.

A pretty place for Syracuse.

A pretty place for Syracuse.

OK, this place, I said as I walked from the Murbro parking lot to the assigned address to arrive a good 20 minutes before the 9 o’clock start. Because that’s the sort I am, too, always wanting to look around early.

Moderator Kevin Morrow, a friend for more than three decades and a hard worker for Syracuse University, did a fine job leading a panel of four smart communications professionals through 2 1/2 hours of tips and observations about marketing through social media for a non-profit organization.

Some panelists check their own social media.

Some panelists check their own social media.

Yes, I learned a lot to help me get better at what I do for the LPL.

I took plenty of notes, and wrote a thorough report for the library director. There are some things I want to start doing a tad differently.

A green space, too.

A green space, too.

During a 10-minute break, I went out on the balcony for some fresh air. The banquet room for the seminar was not air-conditioned, as lovely as the building is.

But it sure had a good view of the park across the street.

matrons>Do you still find cool new spots where you live? What’s the neatest discovery you’ve made lately? Have you attended any learning conferences lately, and if so, what did you pick up?


8 thoughts on “You never know what gorgeous building you’ve been missing

  1. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it Mark – the number of things we don’t see until they are pointed out to us? Awesome. I always took every opportunity offered to take courses and learning chances. It may not seem applicable at the time, but every bit helps.


  2. i think these things are all around us. i find that i discover many little places when I’m on foot, walking through familiar neighborhoods and the city. seeing things from a street level brings a whole new vision at times. currently going through professional development seminars to get ready for the new school year. some are great, some seem less than great )


  3. Over 25 years in the area and I’m still finding something “new” on my doorstep. I started taking short online courses (MOOCS) a few years back when I became responsible for the social media at work. At Liverpool library now, to hear a talk on birds in literature. Took the opportunity to get some more books out while I’m here.


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