Meeting Roxy

Rescue dogs are special.

I had the pleasure of meeting Roxy at Jeff’s 30th birthday party last weekend.

You like me, Roxy, you really do.

You like me, Roxy, you really do.

She’s a little bit of a thing. I remember how Kristin was texting Karen back and forth with photos when she and Jeff were making the final plans for the rescue.

Karen had been over to meet Roxy, but this was my first time. Roxy ran from me.

Kristin told me how the little beauty was still very skittering around men.

Yes, every rescue has its own back story that we won’t ever really know. But we can imagine in dismay.

I took it easy. Got down on the ground. Talked nice and soft. Told her about Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle back home in the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Good job, Roxy.

Good job, Roxy.

I can’t say that she totally let her guard down. But Roxy did gift me with one of her tricks, standing on her back legs!

And, wow, did those little legs go fast from the other side of the backyard when Michelle and Kris were saying their goodbyes and moving toward the back garage door to leave!

Have you worked your way into the good graces of a friend’s rescue pet? How would you do it? How fast can a little dog run?

19 thoughts on “Meeting Roxy

  1. I love my little grand-puppy Roxanne – and what’s even better is she loves her “Mimi” so much in return!! She’s such a “good girl” and she truly has a good heart! It makes me so sad to think of just what that poor pup went thru before my daughter rescued her. When I 1st met her she was so “skittish” but I just loved on her and her instincts knew she could trust me & along with that came her loving me back ten-fold! It’s incredible what a little bit of loving can do for both people and animals! Roxanne is an awesome good little puppy whom I just love ❤️ and she knows how much I love her too!!


  2. I love my little grand-puppy Roxanne .. and she loves her ‘Mimi’ in return! When I 1st met her she was so “skittish” and I could only imagine what her sad life was before my daughter rescued her! But I just loved her all I could and she knew I truly loved her and she totally loves & trusts me in return! Roxanne is such a “good & loving” little girl .. she has a “good” heart and she’s loved by our whole family!


  3. Was Ellie B jealous when you returned to the Itty Bitty that night? That little Roxy is a sweet peanut it seems, Bro. I always love to hear word from Syracuse. Xoxo


  4. A little part of my heart breaks every time someone mentions rescue dogs. I have no experience with them, but I have had other dogs and they are so trusting and dedicated and innocent. It just breaks my heart and makes me so angry that those beautiful creatures have been abused so badly by humans.


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