Watch that branch, will you?

I was standing outside the library with colleague and friend Martina, waiting for walkers to show up.

She spotted a piece of the new garden, at the middle of the corner of Tulip and Second streets. The blue spruce, with its center branch extending high into the air.

That's a high branch.

That’s a high branch.

Martina thought that tree carried a message.

I laughed.

I agreed.

I’ll let you use your imagination, this being a post about the library.

You don't say!

You don’t say!

You could say I flipped a bit, grabbed my iPhone 6 for a photo or two.

I am all about self-expression, even for evergreens.

What does this tree say to you?

12 thoughts on “Watch that branch, will you?

  1. Ohh, blue spruce. They are actually fairly rare and are prized here in Ontario. They are often used in high end gardens or on expensive properties. And those needles are sharp, sharp, sharp. We had one beside the front door when I lived with my ex. It grew until it’s branches reached out for everyone entering. I wanted to chop it down but my ex insisted we move it elsewhere on the property. It flourished. And I can tell you I made much more viscous gestures at it than yours is using. ha!


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