Just puttering along in downtown Syracuse

I was walking with my dear wife Karen in downtown Syracuse, minding our own business intending to pass the big bank building to meet our group of friends at terrific Irish Pub Kitty Hoynes.

But no.

I had to stop and pull my iPhone 6 out of my pocket because of something new.

Not real, but not a dream.

Not real, but not a dream.

Somebody had putt … No, somebody had put two greens on the Chase plaza.

Don’t worry. They’re artificial grass.

Advertising opportunity.

Advertising opportunity.

Karen figured it might be a ploy to sell more of these babies to people who want them in their backyards. No, I don’t. It would not look good with Ellie B’s business blocking the line of my putts.

They do look good out here on South Salina Street, though, I must say.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

I of course did not have my putter under my arm.

At the Pub, I mentioned the new greens and our lack of real play this season to KP. Yes, he agreed. A possibility for puttering around later this summer on a break from SMG and the Liverpool Public Library …

What do you think of this downtown spot of green? What interesting things have popped up in your town? Where have you putted lately?

17 thoughts on “Just puttering along in downtown Syracuse

  1. Fun installation Mark. Definitely an attention getter. We haven’t had anything exceptional show up – with the exception of a huge sink hole spanning the whole main thoroughfare downtown – Ha! Which, of course someone had to photoshop.




  2. Well I can just see some joker sailing a ball or two across the road and it hitting a passerby or breaking a car or store window!


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