The food, drink, service and comfort at Movie Tavern are just right

Dinner and a movie.

The two go together, forever and ever. Past, present and future.

In the Wayback Machine, I recall going to a joint down in Florida to see a Clint Eastwood flick and eat a pizza simultaneously with my Tampa-area friend Deana. But that was a flat-floored experience in the 1980s, in a restaurant that threw a smallish-screen up on one end for a new persona and hustled pitchers of beer from the bar that was already there beforehand.

Imposing figure.

Imposing figure.

The Movie Tavern opened in the Syracuse western ‘burn of Camillus a week ago, a striking centerpiece in a cluster of restaurants in a new strip mall called Township 5.

My dear wife Karen and I decided to make it a Date Night location for dinner and a movie after ending our work week Friday. We arrived by 6 for the 6:40 p.m. screening of Independence Day: Resurgence, figuring that the 20-year-later sequel to the blockbuster might draw a good-sized crowd on opening night.

Plenty of space, even at the angle..

Plenty of space, even at the angle.

Indeed, we were offered to check off two adjoining seats in the front section, Row D, seats 1 and 2. The beginning of seating was announced as we considered a seat at the lovely bar in the lobby, so we decided to take the party to our seats to order dinner and drinks and watch … well, whatever this non-Regal Cinemas chain would put up on the screen before the previews started at 6:40 p.m.

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We were pleasantly surprised at the comfort of our situation. The leather seats were big, soft and reclined. They reminded me of the high-end recliners I’ve seen in the home theaters at the Parade of Homes in the finished dream basements. Karen did mention later, though, how she imagined how such behemoths might gather, uh, lingering scents and such from a steady parade of patrons. The same thought had crossed my mind.

The service from waiter Brent, assigned to town D across the width of our theater, was prompt and friendly. He asked if we’d been to the theater yet, and when we said no, he filled us in about the call button, his favorite menu items, and the protocol of bringing the check with about an hour left in the movie.

We both decided on the Tavern Burger topped with cheddar, pass on available Canadian bacon, upgrade to sweet potato fries. Karen went with a bottle of Corona Light and I asked for a glass of Red Devil Merlot.

The drinks came first, and the wine was OK. I still have sticker shock regarding nine bucks a glass. But heck, it was date night, and midway through the movie, I even ordered another. Karen stuck with her one beer.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our burger, medium-well, juicy and delicious. The fries were only lukewarm, unfortunately. The bun was OK, and the veggies served on the side were fresh enough.

I thought all in all, the menu and meal compared well to something you’d get at TGIF or Chili’s or the like. The total came to just over $53 when Brent delivered the check as promised. It was interesting to remove my glasses and phone from my pockets, push the on button, and angle it so I could read the price on the check. Brent was good. I left $65. The movie had been an even $20 because we qualified for their 55 senior ticket cutoff. Yay, us. Dinner and a movie for $85? Once a month, maybe.

All in all, the food-and-drink service didn’t make the chatter any louder or more distracting than my usual weekend viewing at Destiny USA or Shoppingtown, which surprised me – and says something about the crowds at both places.

The movie?

Review to come tomorrow.

Have you been to a dinner-and-movie place, and if so, what did you think? Do you think $85 total for two is reasonable for dinner and a movie? What do you think about Movie Tavern from the photos?

18 thoughts on “The food, drink, service and comfort at Movie Tavern are just right

  1. I live in a medium sized town (population 14,000) in the southern part of North Island on Aotearoa New Zealand. We have one local movie complex (although “complex” might be an exaggeration). It has two small theatres – one seats 40, the other 16. The complex also includes a restaurant / cafe / wine bar. All the cafe food and drinks can be ordered and served in the theatres. Most popular dishes would be their various “platters for two”, which cost $25. Wine starts from $5.50 per glass and coffee from $4.00. They also offer a range of combos and other deals which can bring the cost down considerably. My wife and I can go out for the evening for a good quality meal and movie and pay $60 – $80, with less than five minutes travell. Or we can drive the 30 minutes to the nearby city, hunt for a suitable parking place, spend $80 – $150 at a restaurant and $30 – $40 for movie tickets. On top of that the only theatre “refreshments” are the typical ice cream, popcorn, and dizzy drink junk. The choice is easy.


  2. it sounds like a great idea for a special night. (sadly mg and i just broke up this week, so not thinking about dates), but i would definitely try this in the future )


  3. Sounds like a nice evening, Mark! A modest dinner AND a couple of drinks is almost always a $50 bill or more around here. BUT sometimes we gotta splurge a little, just to feel alive & in control of our lives 🙂


  4. We are going to try it out. Heck, you pay an arm and a leg for the popcorn and soda at most theaters. Why not get restaurant food? However, It definitely sounds like an experience only higher income couples/families will be able to enjoy. Now the problem is waiting for a movie I actually want to see.


    • You are right about the “real food” being only a few bucks more than the popcorn and soda, Annie. There also is the option of going and not eating and drinking at all and just enjoying the recliner seats!


    • The wine and beer went for $25, Tony. Friday night after work week for me, and tail end of vacation for my dear wife, you know? Iced tea or water instead, and the bill is cut by $15 or more.


  5. I had one experience with this kind of movie theater, Mark, on my birthday a couple of years ago. I went to see “Saving Mr. Banks” around lunchtime and I was starving. THEY LOST MY ORDER and I couldn’t get the anybody’s attention for a long time. With the reclining seats and all that, it actually reminded me of being in the hospital when I was a kid. For some reason, I’ve never gone back.


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