Janice’s Bicyle

Welcome to Paul Curran’s weekly Sunday guest column. Today he takes us on a trip to a truck stop and an encounter with a special hitch-hiker with a bike in tow. Take it away, superb storyteller Paul.

Your Barrista -- Paul Curran

Your Barrista — Paul Curran

Welcome to the weekly coffee and tea garden. My name is Paul, I’ll be your barista today and I’m happy to be here at Mark Bialczak’s Little Bitty in Syracuse, New York. Please come in and go through to the living room. Mark, his wife Karen and their pooch Ellie B, have prepared a nice, air-conditioned, comfy place for us so I can tend to your needs for a cuppa, and sweets. The weather this morning is sunny and hot with a high just over 85 F. As usual, I’d be pleased to bring a pot of whatever beverage you prefer – we have a wide range of teas and coffees to satisfy our worldwide readership and adult beverages for those who wish something stronger. We can relax with a cuppa in the air conditioning while we discuss the affairs of the week both personal and/or worldwide. Ellie likes to be patted, so please indulge her when she greets you. How has your week been? Have a piece of cake (or any of the sweets on the next table) – electronic sweets are all calorie free!

Yum Yum!
If I Were Having Coffee

This morning I would like to tell you a story that left me wondering – even today and it happened some years ago when was hauling fuel.

The day was hot and I was tired. Having driven all night I was headed for North Bay with 15,000 gallons of gas in a B-train (two trailers) tanker. I still had 4 hours to go when I decided to stop for an Italian sub. Swinging off the highway at the first Arnprior exit, I made my way onto a road between two fields that reconnected with the main street right next to a gas station we served. I could park across the street from the station and I would be looking at a food strip with a Subway, a McDonald’s, a Tim Horton’s, a few convenience stores and some other shops. It was a perfect spot to stop as the truck was safe and out-of-the-way, there were many shops to choose from and the main street lead right back to the highway with no traffic lights or intersections. Parking spots like these were hard to find with an 80-foot, 140,000-pound truck with two trailers carried on 30 wheels.


Web Site: http://www.keyword-suggestions.com/c3Vid2F5IHJlc3RhdXJhbnQ/

Parking, I hopped out and got my sub to go and returned to the truck. As I started back I realized there was a woman standing next to the tractor. She looked worn and tired too and was dressed in a T-shirt with shorts and she had a light windbreaker tied around her waist with sneakers on her feet. At about 25 years old she looked like she hadn’t slept for many days. As I approached I realized she looked sad and dejected.

‘Hi. Can I help you?”
“Hi, I’m Janice. Can I get a ride to Petawawa with you?”
I didn’t normally pick up hitch-hikers but she looked so sad, I gave it a hard thought. Petawawa was about 75 miles further west, and I would drive right by it. She looked harmless and in need so I agreed.

“I can take you as far as the truck stop in Pembroke but I’m going to North Bay and I can’t get off the bypass and go into Petawawa with the truck. You should be able to easily get a ride the 10 miles from the Pembroke truck stop to Petawawa.”

Parked in the Brush

Web Site: https://barndoorcycling.wordpress.com/

“Thanks very much, just let me let me get my bike.”
“You have a bike?”
“Yes, it’ll fit into your truck – I’ve had in trucks like this one before.”
“It will?”
I couldn’t see how but, hey if she wanted to try, more power to her.
“OK, where is it?”
She gestured into the field and I followed her through the brush. Sure enough there was a racing bike chained to the largest tree in the field. She explained:

“I’ve had so many bikes stolen even when they were chained. The thieves just cut the chain and take it. So, now I park it where it is out of sight.”
And it sure was – in the middle of the bush.

Sure Enough – Janice was Right: a Door

Web Site: http://www.mylittlesalesman.com/2015-peterbilt-579-sleeper-door-1224966
She wheeled the bike back to the truck and went around to the driver’s side of the bunk.
“On Peterbilts [which this was] this whole end opens like a door.”

I hadn’t driven this truck often and hadn’t noticed. I stepped inside and found the latch and sure enough, the whole wall opened like a door. This exposed both the sleeping area and the storage area under it.
Janice spoke:

“I’ll jump inside and you pass the bike up – keep it at a 45-degree angle. You won’t steal it while I’m inside, will you?”
She seemed seriously concerned about this. I laughed and pointed out that it was my truck, and she nodded.
And so we did this and sure enough, the bike slid right into the sleeper compartment like it was built for it. I closed the bunk door and hopped into the driver’s seat. Janice had already settled into the passenger’s seat. I brought my log book up to date and we pulled out onto the road.

It was odd, even when looking forward I could still “feel” Janice’s presence curled upon the corner of the passenger’s seat. She was somehow special in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She explained that her father had passed away in Petawawa and she was going to his funeral. Apparently she had been in Montreal (about 250 miles away) when her mother had contacted her. She had no money, just her bicycle, so she chose to cycle the 250 miles. I expressed surprise but she told me she regularly cycled that far or further and from her appearance and the bike, I suspected she may be telling the truth. She said she only hitched a ride because she was so tired and hungry and had to keep going.

Disappeared Very Fast
If We Were Having Coffee

I remembered the submarine sandwich I had set aside when I picked her up and I reached into the pouch where I had put it and offered it to her. She was flabbergasted as if no one had ever given her anything before.

“Won’t you get hungry?”
“I have lots of energy stored.”
And I patted my belly.
”You are obviously hungry so eat up.”
With a nod she opened the sub and tore into it such that I wondered when she had eaten last.

When she had done, she thanked me again and then the unconventional conversation started.

‘You’re a good man Paul.”
“I’m no different from many men, Janice. I see someone hungry I give them food – that doesn’t seem so special to me.”
“Not in my experience. Very few will feed a hungry person.”
“Maybe you’re just hanging out with the wrong crowd – virtually all the people I know will feed a hungry person.”
“I can see things that others can’t, and I know you are a good man because even right now I can see angels flying around you.”
“I have a great deal of faith in a higher power Janice, but I don’t know about angels. I can’t see where I am any different from many others. I leave the angels and other Godly effects to others more deserving.”

I need Battle Angels – if I get to Choose

Web Site: http://aies-mara.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-erinys

“Really, there are angels with you and they go wherever you go. I could see them from the moment I saw you.”

I have to admit that her words made me feel happy, even though I knew that the probability she actually saw angels was low. She could have just been being kind to me for giving her a lift or perhaps she wanted to sway me to take her right into Petawawa – I didn’t know.

As if trying to convince me that she really saw angels Janice continued:

“I can speak in tongues as well.”
“Really? Can I hear some?”

At this point Janice began smoothly speaking words that had no meaning to me. I listened carefully and although I am familiar with a number of languages (obviously English is my mother tongue, but I also took courses in French, Russian and Latin over the years. Using these four languages, I can recognize the odd word in most languages.) I could hear no words that I recognized in any form. Her speech seemed to have a cadence that suggested sentences with punctuation (pauses and emphases) and grammatical structure. At no time in the few minutes did she pause to grope for words nor did I hear her repeat any words. If this was not a language, it was a demonstration that she had spent a lot of time making it sound like a language. I could not imagine a set of circumstances under which she would be motivated to do that.

Finished, she looked at me questioningly. I had to admit that it sounded like a language and she assured me it was. At that point we were making the turn into the truck stop in Pembroke, so I didn’t have time to inquire further. As we parked Janice told me that she used to be am inspector for the DMV. I laughed and asked her how my driving was. She replied that it was excellent. I spent a fair bit of time testing and training drivers so I was constantly trying to improve my driving. I was pretty comfortable that I could pass a test.

Pembroke Truck Stop

Web Site: http://www.rvtransit.com/index-en.php?mobile=true

I helped her unload her bike while she asked yet again if I was going to steal it while she was handing it down. I assured her that her bike was safe with me for the length of time it took her to get out of the truck. At that we exchanged a hug and said our good-byes. I still like to think about angels flying around. It makes me happy, even if I have to suspend disbelief to do it.

That’s about all we have room for this week folks, so it’s time to settle in with another cuppa and pat Ellie B. Sweets anyone? Please join me in thanking Mark, Karen and Ellie B for their invitation to tea. We are all honored that you dropped by today to visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and the conversation and please look around at Mark’s other posts while you’re here. Have a great week.

Of Course I Bought Her a Coffee to Go

Web Site: https://www.123rf.com/photo_10484651_female-cyclist-in-trendy-attire-with-a-cup-of-coffee-riding-on-city-street.html

77 thoughts on “Janice’s Bicyle

  1. I just love the way you write Paul and the story becomes so visual and real. What an interesting character Janice was – and so interesting how God puts people across our path. Scripture does say that by feeding the hungry and helping those around us – we have sometimes entertained angels… perhaps this was one of those. Good food for thought and a beautifully written piece.

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    • Mich! Great to have you visit! Thanks so much for the read and comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. Yeah, Janice was special for sure,no matter how you cut it. I still think that what I did would be done by most people. Thanks for the great compliment. Hope to see you around more – we miss you. 🙂

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  2. Dear battle angels, play me a visit and give me a lift, would you? I wonder if this girl was that very battle angel herself, Paul. Something not of this world, know what I’m saying? A ghost and an idea, travelling along the road on a bicycle, impenetrable as ideas usually are. Immortal, and with wings to boot. I don’t know about the speaking in tongues, though. I can usually get to that point after a few chugs direct from a bottle of rye, or after the night is nearly over and I shoot some vodka (it is the only thing worth shooting, in my opinion) – and while it may not be speaking in tongues. there is something very pure and up-in-the-sky about what comes out of me, as though I’m someone else and that someone else is suddenly me. But alas, I am no angel. For what it’s worth, I agree with her: you are a special sort, and I’m glad you gave her a ride and shared your sub, that is the decent thing to do.

    I leave you with a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k_Cv9liIcU

    Angels are made of music. And music is an incarnation of the divine, I have no doubt of it – and while I can’t play or sing or even read music, these angels are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. You’re allowed to be what you could… it’s a line from this song. What’s it mean, Paul? What is it that we could be? Why do we need to be reminded that we’re allowed to be that thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Trent! Great to have you visit man. Cool song – she looked stoned but that didn’t affect her singing. Many singers use. Possibly the cyclist could have been an angel visiting our mortal world – perhaps that is why she appeared so tired and hungry: obviously angels would not be used to that. Travelling angels are not unheard of – there’s an old country trucking song called Phantom 309 about that
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCeVP9WuA6I \

      Thanks for the compliment and I’m pleased you enjoyed the story. “What we can be” is a reference to being one with God n this world. That is why it says we are “allowed” – the implication being that there is one bigger and stronger than us who can allow or disallow – and we are allowed. And the reason we need permission to be allowed is because when one with God, He is judged by our behavior in this world. And you need not look far to realize that is a dangerous position for God when there are fundamentalists in all religions who would gladly behead or kill those who did not belong to their religion. Many,including myself, have come to hate religion as the purveyor of pain,sorrow and hatred in this world. Many would attribute that to God but I make the distinction – I have a great deal of Faith and yet am not religious. Anyway, so we are allowed to be all we could be – with the permission of,and risk to God.

      There is no doubt in my mind Trent, that when you write you are being what you could be – and we are all blessed to be able to read your stories.

      Thanks so much for the visit and great comment Trent. Please come again.


      • Thanks Paul. And that is a marvelous response. Whether God or some other truth, I think we have tremendous potential in our humanity, but perhaps we at times depress the length of that cord. Anyway, you’ve given me something to think about – that length of cord, to be precise. I think there is a story here!

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      • I can smell the smoke of the thinking from here – Ha! – I used the word “God” because that is what I am used to hearing. In reality that word comes with a pile of luggage. I meant an intelligence greater than human that was/is involved in the intelligent design of the universe.


      • I know. I’ve often been unable to rationalize the concept of intelligent design and an intelligence greater than human. It seems we link those two concepts, but I see them as possibly disparate. Is there an intelligence greater than us somewhere? It seems likely. Was that greater intelligence involved in the design of our universe? That also seems, to me, unlikely, or at the very least, highly coincidental.

        By the way Paul, what happened to your great odyssey across the country?

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      • Possibly Trent, possibly – I hadn’t considered that an intelligence greater than ours might not be involved in intelligent design. Interesting thought.

        The great trip is still on – it just keeps getting slid back, I think we are approaching it asymptotically. Ha! It turns out that there are more and more challenges – but they are getting dealt with as time progresses. The owner calls at least once a day and often more.He is concerned that we might be getting tired of the delays and seeks to reassure us all is coming along, albeit slowly. It now looks like we will be able to move into the Vancouver house around the 15th of July. The issue was getting a construction crew and the permits to do the sewage upgrades required and fix a crack in the foundation.The owner is getting very frustrated as well but he personally took care of all the permits,etc.The construction started yesterday. He is coming to Ottawa later this week to pick up the final papers at the Australian embassy and meet with us to get leases signed. (8 year leases).He is leaving from Ottawa for Perth Australia.


  3. Love this post, Paul! I always love reading about your trucker days 🙂 My sister has been told many times by people “who see” that she has an aura & has angels around her. [She is a huge Long Island Medium fan, as well!] From what I’ve read – I have no doubt, you do, too ❤

    I had a friend who also could speak in tongues – I won't lie, it kind of freaked me out, and wasn't sure what to make of it . . .

    What's going on with the move? Have a great week ahead, Paul!

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    • Sadie! Awesome to have you visit. Welcome,welcome. Angels and tongues are not something that gets discussed very often outside of church. I really don’t disbelieve,nor have I seen either so I basically suspend disbelief awaiting more info. There are those who are adamant they can see angels and perhaps they do, I haven’t yet – although I certainly have had situations come out such that I was sure there was intervention form above. I have only met one other person who claimed to be able to talk in tongues and they were so obviously faking it that there was no question after 2 minutes they were lying.

      the move – yeah – well it trundles along, seemingly getting closer but asymptotically – ha! Actually the owner has been in contact daily and we are meeting Monday or Tuesday of his week to sign contracts. BC is anal about leases and require more permits, contacts,leases, inspections,etc than any other province. Some small amount of repair work has to be done to the residence and the red tape is horrific. The owner finished that red tape Friday and the construction is scheduled to start Monday. It should take about 2 weeks, weather permitting as some work has to be done outside. If all goes well, we will be able to move in around the 15th of July. I will wait to start my trip until occupancy is confirmed and then i will set out visiting. I figure I can cross in 6 days taking my time and visiting as i go. The car owner has already gotten me a $2,500 credit card for expenses.

      So,in short, should be in a few weeks but the schedule has been constantly slid back so no guarantees. 😀

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  4. Pingback: “If it has tires or testosterone”~ Guest post by Paul Curran #ThrowbackThursday | Barb Taub

    • Hi Aussa! Pleasure to have you visit. Driving long-haul I ran across a lot of people that I never saw again. It was basically the story of my life – friendships and acquaintances were often hours long – seldom even days. You never really get used to people in your life that have no background and no future – just present.

      I hope all is well with you, hubby and Zola. Thanks again for dropping by Aussa. Be well.

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  5. Years ago, I would have said Janice was crazy. But then I met a boy who said he could see angels. He was maybe 8 or 9 at the time, and he said it very matter-of-factly. Sometimes he would say, “Your angel is in the corner” or “to your left” and he said everyone had two angels watching over them. But as he got older, he wasn’t able to see the angels anymore. Speaking in tongues creeps me out, but I am a Christian, and it is biblical, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. In any event, whatever your religion or none at all, you were demonstrating Christ-like behavior by serving others and helping a person in need. If it was a test of your character, you surely passed.

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    • Hey Kerbey! Awesome to have you drop by or a visit, Over the years I have heard people say they could see angels but I’ve never known anyone well who could. Great story about the young man who could see angels. Yeah, the speaking in tongues was rather surreal – and she did it so well. I couldn’t find any thing to contradict her. I’ve had people tell me that before and it was obvious they were making it up – the words were chidlish, they stopped and made up words, many words were similar to English words, etc.

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      • Thanks so much for dropping in Kerbey. It was great to read your comment. It seems more people than I had imagined have had experience with angels or at lest talk of angels.


    • Hey DBA! Great to see you here. Thanks for the read and comment – I haven’t seen you post recently, I hope all is OK. I”m glad you enjoyed the piece and thank you for the compliment. 🙂


  6. I love this story Paul. Like you, hearing her talk of the angels would make me happy. I don’t have to suspend my disbelief. She believed in it, and she knew your goodness. So, there is that to back it all up. 🙂

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  7. She’s ‘two-tired’ and you gave her a ride. And you even gave her your sandwich and bought her coffee. You’re a kind man, Paul! Thanks to Mark and Karen for the warm hospitality and so good to see you again, Ellie (pat! pat!). One more thing, Paul. I’ll follow Mark’s blog so I won’t miss your next story. Cheers, NBC (^・o・^)ノ”

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  8. Whether it is angels or an aura, or just a smile, I think folks can tell a good person who will help them rather than hurt them. And I’m pretty sure it is obvious that you fit that bill.

    Melancholy and heartwarming story, Paul, all at the same time.

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    • Hi Elyse! You know it was both melancholy and heartwarming when it happened too. Thank you so very much for the compliment and visit -I am pleased you enjoyed the story. Please drop by again.

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    • Thank you very much Robyn – that is an amazing compliment. From my perspective you are an angel. Without you I wouldn’t be blogging – your kindness and largess will never be forgotten my friend. I’ll have to buy you a coffee when i get to Vancouver. I don’t doubt there are angels,in the ephemeral sense,but I’ve never seen any to date. Thanks so much for the visit.


  9. I don’t know about angels, but good people definitely have an aura about them that some people can feel, if not see. I’m sure when I finally meet you, that aura will be there. Goodness has a way of shining through.

    Speaking in tongues, however, makes me think that poor young lady was a wee bit more tired than you thought.

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    • Hello CM! wonderful to have you visit. I was really not sure about how the conversation went – what to believe and what not to. She seemed to believe in what she was saying. Which really doesn’t mean much or it means everything, ha!, Like I said in another comment – I would have liked to have been able to get to know her better. But that was not to be. Otherwise she sounded absolutely sane – and it is my experience that when someone is slightly off, it shows in multiple ways. Not so in this case.

      Thanks for the comment -please come and see us again.


  10. I used to hitchhike all over California when I was a teenager back in the 70’s. I have some awesome memories. I can’t really blame people for not picking up strangers nowadays… this was another awesome post!

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  11. This made me melancholy. I don’t know if that was your intent. She seemed like a bit of a lost soul to me. I wonder where she is? I wonder if she made it to her father’s funeral? I always think that people like that are in for a hard time. Like the world is going to eat them alive.

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    • Hi Mark! Thank so much for the visit. Good call Mark.You know this story left me melancholy when it happened. I just told it as it unfolded. Somehow I felt like I was losing something when I Ieft her in Pembroke. Oh, I think she had a core
      of steel – although she was tired and dejected at the time. On the bright side, Pembroke is a wonderful friendly rural town. Many folks go back and forth between Pembroke and Petawawa, which has a large military tank and transport base. Soldiers are always friendly. I’m sure she did OK. Thanks so much for dropping by for a read. Please come again.


  12. Paul, I’m certain Janice was right on both counts: not many would do what you did – in fact, some men might have even been a danger to her. And she may have been quite right about those angels – or she may have seen the Holy Spirit hovering around to make certain both of you remained safe on the journey.
    You are special indeed.

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    • Thank you very much Susan for the lovely compliment and of course the visit.I am very pleased that you enjoyed the post. Please drop by again.


    • Ha! That’s an excellent observation Barb. I don’t doubt that you are correct – I suspect I stuck in her memory. Thanks so much for the visit and compliment. I an pleased that you enjoyed the piece. I should mention to our readers that I will be guest posting over at Barb’s https://barbtaub.com/ on Thursday,the Lord and Barb willing. Thanks Barb and please drop by again. 😀


    • It is great to see you here kimical. Thank you for the visit and the comment. I appreciate the compliment and am pleased that you enjoyed the piece. Thanks again for dropping by, we’re here every Sunday so please come again. By the way, how did you come by your gravatar name? Just curious. 😀


      • It was my actually my first email address, before I had to fire Earthlink for abysmal customer service. 🙂 Just a play on my first name, Kim. I though about Kimera, but I didn’t want to be a horiffic mythological monster (well, at least not full-time.)


  13. Ahh, what a sweet story. You made my day, Paul! And you bought her a cup of coffee. I’m telling you, my life has been saved by people who have offered to buy me a cup of coffee. It says so much more than “coffee,” it says someone cares.

    You are a good man and I know you see the whole world through your own eyes, but you are actually somewhat unusual, a rare treasure. The world can be a dark place sometimes. As to angels, yep, you know I totally believe, and some of us really can see them or at least feel their presence. There’s a fragrance there, an energy that some of us are very sensitive to. I sometimes say the Holy Spirit sparkles, He crackles, there is a definite energy that I can sense. Sorry though, I’ve never seen a sexy, warrior, girl-angel. Not saying they don’t exist, I’ve just never seen one. 🙂

    As to speaking in tongues, I really do believe there is a heavenly language and I’ve seen some fascinating things. I did know some twins once who spoke their own language. What fascinated me is that they weren’t yet verbal, they could barely speak “mama” and “no” and yet they could have long conversations with one another. That kind of boggled my brain because we think of language as a developmental milestone and yet these two could clearly chat away and communicate with one another before they were verbal.

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    • Thanks so much for great comment. As to battle angels:
      “7Then a war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels.…” Revelations 12:7-8 The image is from the gaming world where this battle is recreated. I don’t discount the existence of angels although I have nevr seen one either. Perhaps later. 🙂

      I’ve heard of speaking in tongues but I’ve never seen anyone who claimed to be able to do it. I would have liked more time with the young woman as she was very down to earth in her conversation and then took the turn for the surreal. Generally it is possible to suss out someone who is disconnected from reality versus someone who is well grounded and has seen and done amazing things. I suspect that Janice was of the second type – solid but with amazing experiences I didn’t elaborate in the story but as I mentioned I could “feel” her presence (in a positive way) even when I wasn’t looking at her. I have only felt that way twice in my life – once was an old farmer that I worked with for a few years and the other was a young married mother. What set both of these apart was an unassailable Faith – stronger than I have ever found before. It is possible that Janice was such a person – her comments certainly indicated a great Faith.

      Thanks so much for the great comment IB – Please drop by again.

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  14. Hi Paul sorry it took me so long but we have MIL here as usual on Sunday so I have to snatch my moments of enjoying our coffee meetings! Boy that was a lovely story, I tend to agree with Janice you do have angels looking over you and you are a truly good man… and a talented man as well!

    Hugs to you, Mark, Karen and Elli B!!

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  15. Sounds a bit like seeing coloured auras. If people see angels or colours, fine by me. We’ve both hitched, certainly in Aus on long journeys truck drivers liked the company.
    In terms of giving food/money, we’ve given money to homeless people in the past (not now, minimal income) so I think giving either is reasonable depending on the circumstances. As your previous commenter said, that could just as easily be me. No need to judge, just offer compassion, empathy, and … food 🙂

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    • How you kept calm with “eyes on the road, hands upon the wheel” while Janice spoke in tongues is beyond me, Paul. Now that’s a moment. Thanks for sharing another singular character with us today, our writer with Angels around him.

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    • Thank you 1J1 for dropping by, And thank you for they compliment. I still say that most people would have done the same. but thank you. Please come again.

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      • Some people would have. I’ve seen first hand where people haven’t – many times. When I worked in the city, people in the union station would peddle. Someone asked for food money. Since there were restaurants, I offered to buy them food. Some even accepted. People called me dumb but I asked them what if they were in those shoes? I can’t say that I would have given a ride though.

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      • It was rare that I gave people a ride for a number of reasons,not the least of which it was against company and insurance policy. As a rule of thumb, I always stopped for anyone who was in an unsafe situation – i.e. broke down at night in winter. After that if someone seemed dejected or sad I would consider stopping. Getting to a funeral qualified – but I used to hear that sometimes multiple times in a week. Many used it as an excuse when it was not true.

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