Done for one day

Whole again.

Whole again.

The peak is covered again.

I’m a pro at piecing our increasingly old vinyl siding back up there after it falls down when a big wind blows past the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

It’s been, oh, seven or eight years now since that contractor Patrick put in our “new’ windows and put up that siding. In any case, that front top peak has a breakage problem with the fastening portion. And Patrick is nowhere to be found. So I tinker.

Hole covered.

Hole covered.

And out back, we filled and covered the rotted portion on top of the door of the porch. Painting to come.

The thrill of keeping up with an old home never ends. Yes, painting to come, and not just that spot.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer or a call-for-helper? How do you draw the line between can and can’t? What has been nagging at you to be tackled?


18 thoughts on “Done for one day

  1. When we owned our own home,I found an employee of mine who was a contractor on the side and he did work for me for cash – I paid for the supplies – by the hour with a 3 hour minimum. he liked it and it was a great deal for me – I paid him $15 per hour but with no taxes, deductions that would be the equivalent of about $25 per hour. Not bad for casual work. he had all the tools,ladders, generators, etc, that he needed.

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  2. It’s hard work to do it yourself, but you do get the satisfaction of knowing the house looks good because of your own hard work. My house only looks good because my wallet has been depleted by paying contractors – but then, I can’t envision myself up on a ladder. My husband does paint the entire house every few years, and that’s enough work!


      • It sure is, and he does a very professional looking job. However, after the first couple of times he did the painting, he stopped doing the peaks – we have a 2-story colonial, and those peaks are really high. Our longest ladder won’t reach. I can’t really blame him. My neighbor had her house painted a number of years ago by “professionals” and they left the very top of the peaks unpainted, too, so know she has a brown house with two yellow spots at the highest point on either side.


  3. When we were first married, we did everything ourselves. Then my husband decided that our front door was crooked, which was true. As I got some bits of wood ready to shimmy it at the hinges, John took the back of an axe to the door and bashed it. He was shocked when shortly thereafter, the door split down the middle. Who could imagine …

    We pay now. Usually through the nose.

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