I don’t mind being a sub in the little golf league that could

When Commish made the calls to see who was joining our little golf league for this season, I had to tell her no thanks.

I was still working at the store at the time, and my frequent shifts during the weekly play-time at Northern Pines made it seem impossible for me to make it for the nine holes of fun.

So my friends made their plans around me. Bird and Mrs. Bird were no-go’s as well. They’d moved to another state.

As it turned out, we’d shrunk to one foursome.

And then I got the job at Liverpool Public Library, with mostly friendly hours for league play. But the four spots were full.

Back with the league. (Photo by Commish)

Back with the league. (Photo by Commish)

Before week two, though, I got a call from Commish. DJ wouldn’t be able to make it. Could I sub, join her and Lovely Linda and Morelli?

Photo spoiler. Yes, I said yes.

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With some help from KP and my dear wife Karen, I was ready for the round. My best buddy had rescued my dropped Upswing Golf putter from Timber Banks, near his house, and brought it to SMG, where my wife walked over from her spot to pick it up from him. I stopped from work the day of the round, and there I was.
Full set.

We went to the left.

We went to the left.

Northern Pines had changed its routing since last season. What used to be the eighth hole had become No. 1. This new sense of order makes much more sense for the map of play. We started at No. 10, though, because that hole was clear while two groups were on the new No. 1. Maybe next time I sub in the (really) little league, I’ll get to see the newly routed set of nine.

My back and stomach muscles were still sore from my time in the paint department at the store, so I called it quits after six holes. Maybe that also had something to do with the fact that I birdied No. 6, by far my best hole of the day. Yeah, I felt suddenly better walking to the clubhouse and then calling China Chen to bring takeout Chinese home to the Little Bitty for Karen and I.

Have you ever been a substitute in any sort of situation, and if so, what? Have you showed up for the first time at a place that’s made drastic changes, and if so, did you like it better or worse? Did you think I’d find my lost putter or not?

9 thoughts on “I don’t mind being a sub in the little golf league that could

  1. Hi Mark, I am so glad you are getting time to play golf. I have never subbed for anything, well with the exception of work, and I ended up on a Maternity floor, filling in (EEK) – pregnant ladies in labor scare me! But as far as things being changed around – Target does that to me all the time. They will have the Ovaltine in one section and then it isn’t there the next week and I have to go on this huge hunt for it and it annoys me, because I do combat shopping, got my list, plough through the doors, bash down anyone in my way and go straight where I need to go. But then…the Ovaltine is gone and I have to spend valuable minutes looking for it. Oh well!!!
    The golf course looks great!!!!


  2. Re: Drastic changes. I’m one of those weirdos who commit to memory the layout of my favorite grocery store, so when I arrive and things have been switched around, it really throws me for a loop.

    Having my first golf less on Tues. If I can pick up the fundamentals, I hope to golf occasionally with my husband. Not every time though, it’s important we both get “me” time. Looks like you had another beautiful day to play. Love Spring!


    • I hope you pick up the game, Annie. It is a great social outlet. Communing with nature with your spouse, and/or friends, is a blessing.

      Now, onto change. Yes, it can be tough when the familiar gets shuffled!


  3. i have no problem being a sub, though i’ve never been a part of a league or had a regular appointment with a group sport. i’ve been a sub in schools while i was still in school, and that was always an adventure )


  4. Sounds good Mark. At last you’re getting to enjoy some golf – more than if you were still in the paint dept. I had no doubt your putter would show up – but I’m an optimist. I seldom do fill ins (except at work) because it is hard to fit in – but you have a loooong history with these folks so it is different.


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