An artist in the family

A Mother’s Day present was delivered to my dear wife Karen this weekend, and the thoughtfulness and execution brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks for the memories.

Thanks for the memories.

Darling daughter Elisabeth painted for her stepmother a scene of Sprague Lake, the lovely spot that we visited with significant George Three at Rocky Mountain National Park during Karen’s family reunion last summer.

It’s beautiful.

Stunning, really. Just like the precious vacation time we shared in Colorado.

Karen has lovingly hung it in our bedroom.

And the real thing.

And the real thing.

Does anybody in your family paint? Have you hung meaningful art, and if so, what and by whom? What’s your favorite art work, and why?

19 thoughts on “An artist in the family

  1. Beautiful! What a precious gift!
    I grew up with artists. Both of my brothers are painters and sculptors. My sister is creative with floral arrangements.
    I have their art hanging at the Lake House. It is all cherished!


  2. One of my brothers has an MFA and taught college art for many years (until he tired of starving, he says.). I have one wonderful drawing he did of our dad, and a print of irises in our childhood garden that he did for our mom. I treasure them!


  3. Lovely painting, Mark. I’m glad you hung it in the bedroom since it was presumably a little too large for the refrigerator. πŸ™‚ I have two wonderful oil paintings by my daughter in my home. Makes you proud, right?


  4. It really is nicely done and I like the childlike quality. My daughter used to do a lot of art but now it’s on and off for her. Who knows at this age? she did have a way with colors though.


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