Me and Chinese

I have a weak spot for Chinese food.

There, I said it.

So when I get two weekdays off in a row from the store, and my dear wife Karen is working at SMG, well …

The allure of Chinese for lunch is pretty darn strong.

All for me this time.

All for me this time.

Last week, I had a 10:30 a.m. vanity appointment at my great friend Theresa’s shop. After my hair had been clipped and my beard had been buzzed, hey, I thought, it’s nearly lunch time. And I’m just down the road from China Chen. As I pulled out my iPhone 6 to call, hey, I thought, I have tomorrow off, too. I can order enough for two lunches.

Yeah, I did. Quart of wonton soup. One barbecued sparerib combo, with pork egg roll and fried rice. One extra egg roll. One pint of pork lo mein. One pint of pepper steak.

What a two-lunch feast I had. Ellie B aka Dogamous got a little bit each day, including the picked-over bones.

What’s your biggest takeout food weakness? What’s your favorite lunch of all? What might you order super-sized for two lunches in a row?


38 thoughts on “Me and Chinese

  1. It’s always a treat. It took me decades, but I recently discovered the glory of Shrimp in Lobster Sauce. Now, it’s the go-to Chinese food for me. Oh, and Walnut Tofu, and Sweet and Sour anything ! โ˜บ


  2. Licks lips – of course minus the pork products for obvious reasons – snorts and oinks. Mom’s weakness is egg drop soup. She gets it every time she feels under the weather. Dad’s weakness is pizza any kind any time. My weakness chicken. YUMMO! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Oooo, you’re making me hungry Mark. I love Chinese. I’m not a big noodle or soup man,but the ribs and eggrolls and chicken rice and chickenballs, etc – Yum. I usually get a combo plate – cheaper than ordering individual items. My favorite, favorite is to go to a Chinese buffet. We have a couple of excellent ones around here – then I can eat all the ribs and beef and chicken I want with eggrolls and plenty of plum sauce over everything. Oooo, to die for.


  4. Well, I usually skip lunch but my take-out weakness has got to be Indian food. There’s a place in my building and it takes tremendous discipline not to eat there every day.


  5. I used to love Chinese food. Alas, it’s one of the many things I can no longer eat. I do manage to get a chicken sandwich & fries from Burger King once in awhile, but I have to leave the tomatoes off, and then I have to wait a week or two before I dare get another one. Which, of course, makes me especially enjoy the sandwich when I do buy one.


  6. You are making me hungry, Mark!! And I haven’t had Chinese food since New Year’s Eve lunch in Chinatown – which was different from any other I had ever had . . . meaning authentic!
    Hope you & Karen have a great weekend!


  7. i’m a lunch combo chinese orderer. i tend to get shrimp or pork or veggie lo mein, egg roll, rice, and of course, i have to finish with my fortune cookie to know what to do next -. my great weakness is any kind of pasta.


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