A bright buffet: Now you can see Althea and her parents

A Yummy buffet for Althea.

A Yummy buffet for Althea.

During Syracuse dining week in February, I wrote about the fine dining meal that my dear wife Karen and I shared our friends David, Theresa and Althea at 317 at Montgomery.

I was bummed because the lighting was too dim for any of the pictures I took of our dining partners to be usable for my blog post about the experience.

Last night, the five of us met for an informal after-work meal of buffet Chinese at Yummy, a sprawling joint at the Shop City complex in Syracuse.

It was plenty bright enough for me to get shots of our happy friends as we shared conversation, egg rolls and ribs.

David and Theresa enjoy think after-work Chinese is a good idea, too.

David and Theresa enjoy think after-work Chinese is a good idea, too.

In Syracuse, there are more Chinese buffets than any other kind of food, including American fare. There’s a Chinese buffet in just about every suburb as well as the city.

You can still get an American style buffet at the lone remaining Ponderosa in North Syracuse.

Do you go to food buffets? Do you prefer Chinese or American food buffets?

34 thoughts on “A bright buffet: Now you can see Althea and her parents

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, Mark. I tend to avoid buffets because I’m trying to remain conscious of portion control. When you see all that wonderful food laid out, it’s hard not to pile it on. 😉


  2. I enjoyed this post very much! Darn lighting situation! Too bad about that at 317 at Montgomery. But you captured your friends in another setting, delicious food with good friends, nothing better than that! Plus wife, Karen, of course! I like buffets and try to take the smallest portions, then go back for more. Chinese foods that I enjoy are sweet and sour pork, chicken or shrimp. General Szo’s (Tso’s) spicier sauce is also great on vegetables and fried rice…. Smiles, Robin


  3. we have some massive chinese buffets, with mixed levels of goodness, and a good indian one too, and i’ve been to a couple american ones in vegas, and at a windsor casino, but the problem for me is i always get so excited i have to take some of everything and can never eat it all, or end up going back to get the things i really like…. so i find them fun, and easy, and apparently I need to come up with a better strategy. i love the name of yours and love the pick of althea and your friends –


    • They are tricky, too, Beth, because they put the pasta and rice and noodles up front and the meat and shrimp and proteins in the back.

      I try not to be too eager about the filler, don’t hesitate about going back, make sure I get enough healthy veggies, and always make certain I get enough of what I want most!

      And thanks, I was so glad to be able to get Althea and David and Theresa’s picture this time around, Beth.


  4. Ya know Mark, we only have two American buffets, one Italian, and about a dozen Chinese. Shoney’s is the only one of the American that I will go to any more, and only reluctantly to that one. Oh, forgot about Moonlite Barbeque Inn. They have a buffet, and the only way I’ll eat there is from the buffet, because the menu items usually include mostly fat in the meat. On the buffet you can leave the fat behind. Your friends really look good, and happy. Althea is a real cutie, going to be a heartbreaker soon, if she isn’t already.

    And for my favorite buffet, I think I prefer Chinese. I can try new foods there without committing myself to an entire plate of it, then finding out I really don’t like it.


    • I think you are right about Althea, Angie, she is a beautiful 10-year-old combo of her mom and dad!

      We used to have a great American buffet here called Old Country, and I miss it because I liked taking just a little of this and a little of that. I can do that with the Chinese, still, like you say.


  5. I’m not a big fan of buffets, but the smaller places do keep the food fresh. I’m not sure if you enjoy Indian, but the Taj Mahal on Erie Blvd. is delicious. They offer a buffet, but it’s small and you know the food has not been sitting out.

    I’ll have to check out Yummy, however. I trust your recommendation.

    And people say you don’t support small, local business. Tsk, tsk to them.


  6. There’s a Chinese fast food on every corner in the suburbs. In working areas there are those buffets where you weigh the food. So I would say more Chinese than American. But then what is American food?


  7. They had an Old Country in the ‘Cuse years ago. I guess it’s gone? The Brazilian places have other meats besides beef but I’m with you in that if I’m paying 40 large it’s keep bringing the filet mignon pal. LOL


    • Oh, yeah, the Brazilian steak house in Destiny USA. Never been. Too expensive and I don’t want that much beef in one sitting. I was thinking more along the lines of the 10 to 15 buck buffet.


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